Discount ticket for canopy tree climbing experience in Washington

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Canopy Tree Climbing At Deception Pass State Park In Washington

Climb some of the tallest trees in the world – 150 to 230 feet high – on this canopy tree climbing adventure.  This is an experience that will give you a sense of power, freedom and a connection to nature like nothing else ever has.

You’ll receive a helmet, harness, safety glasses, footholds, and manual ascenders, all of which met international climbing standards.  As long as you follow the basic rules and have the right equipment, tree climbing is far safer than most daily activities.  Your certified and knowledgeable guides will keep it simple and easy, making sure you’ll stay safe and have fun.

This is a half-day adventure at Deception Pass State Park.  The tree climbing experience is a progression.  You’ll receive your equipment and a safety talk.  You will learn about the equipment and how to use the equipment.  Only after that do you start to climb.

You’ll climb as a group up old-growth Coastal Douglas Fir Trees.  Your guide will have battery power ascenders available so everyone will be able to tree climb.

When you reach the top, you’ll be the equivalent of 20 stories up in the air.  You’ll get views few people have ever seen.  You will get perfectly gorgeous views of the water from over 200 feet in the air.  You can crawl on the branches to get different views of the park.  This is the best way to experience the incredible beauty of Washington state.

AdventureTerra recommends that you wear athletic clothes with long pants covering your ankles and athletic shoes.  Bring snacks and water.  It’s fun to eat in the trees.

This is an opportunity to do something that less than 1% of the people in the world have done.  It is an amazing and unique adventure that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Deception Pass State Park is 20 miles from Burlington, 30 miles from Port Townsend, 56 miles from Everett, and 82 miles from Seattle.


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