Bow of a kayak on a still lake, color toned picture, selective focus.. Find out how to save money kayaking in Mackmatack National Wildlife Refuge

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Kayak Trips In Richmond, Illinois

If the summer heat is getting to you, get out on the water.

The Nippersink is a beautiful waterway within a short distance of Chicago, Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine.  You’ll meet with the River Guide Kayaks staff at Pioneer Landing in Richmond, Illinois.

You’ll get your kayak, paddle, life jacket, and dry storage.  You’ll get basic instruction and you’ll have the option to have a guide lead your excursion.  The guide can help with navigation, technique, and point out sights along the way.   Then the creek is yours to explore.

The Nippersink Creek at 23 miles long is the largest tributary to the Fox River.  It is a save stream for paddlers of all abilities.  You’ll have a quiet, enjoyable kayak experience away from the noise of boat traffic and shoreline development.

Relax and enjoy being on the water while getting a close-up view of the landscapes of the Mackmatack National Wildlife Refuge.

You’ll float tranquilly at times down the winding creek and paddle vigorously at other times.  Birds will dot the sky.  You might even see a bald eagle.  Enjoy beautiful wild flowers and wide open spaces.  You’ll feel you’re in a wilderness, not like you’re only fifty-something miles from Chicago.  

Alternately paddle and float while seeing turtles and fish in the water.  Glide by families of ducks and geese.  You can pull off the creek at a sandbar or creek bank.  Enjoy the beautiful sights, take photos, and splash in the water.  

River Guide Kayaks is a small town business whose staff has a lifetime of experience exploring the rivers, streams, and wildlife of Wisconsin.

So come see what Wisconsin in the wild really looks like.


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