Disney Chip and Dale Christmas Ornament Hanging Mouse Ears

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Chip and Dale have been delighting audiences since their debut in the 1943 short Private Pluto.

While the two chipmunks are similar in appearance, for me the easiest way to tell them apart is by their noses. Chip, the more focused and logical of the two, has a small black nose (like a chocolate chip!). Dale, the more relaxed and spontaneous chipmunk, has a larger, dark red nose.

No matter if Chip or Dale is your favorite (or if you love them equally), I’m sure you’d love to have some Chip and Dale themed Christmas decor for your home this year.

And if you’re looking for great Chip and Dale Christmas tree ornaments, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of the best 25 Chip and Dale Disney ornaments.

25 Top Disney Chip and Dale Christmas Ornaments

  1. Disney Chip and Dale Sunburst Mouse Ears Ball Ornament
  2. Chip ‘n Dale Disney100 Sketchbook Ornament
  3. Personalized Sorcerer Chip and Dale Christmas Ornament
  4. 2023 Disney Chip and Dale Snow Much Fun! Hallmark Keepsake Ornament
  5. Customized Chip and Dale Dancing Glass Christmas Ornament
  6. Chip and Dale Happy Christmas Ornament
  7. Chip and Dale Chipmunks Shatterproof Ornament
  8. Disney Chip and Dale Swinging Into Shenanigans Hallmark Keepsake Ornament
  9. Chip and Dale Christmas Lights Ornament
  10. Christmas Ornament with Chip and Dale on One Side and Your Photo on Back
  11. Personalized Disney Wish Very Merry Time Cruise Ornament with Chip and Dale
  12. Disney Chip ‘n Dale Sketchbook Ornament
  13. Disneyland Paris Christmas Chip N Dale Dangler Ornament
  14. Customized Chip and Dale Merry Christmas Ornament
  15. Double Trouble Chip and Dale Christmas Tree Ornament Set
  16. Light Blue Personalized Chip ‘n’ Dale Holiday Ornament
  17. Disney Parks Set of 2 Chip and Dale Bell Ornaments
  18. Chip ‘n Dale with Acorns Sketchbook Ornament
  19. Chip ‘n’ Dale Dragon Around Hallmark Ornament
  20. Chip and Dale Christmas Tree Glass Ornament
  21. Chip and Dale Reindeer Christmas Ornament with Personalization
  22. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Christmas Ornament Set
  23. Chip and Dale Kingdom Hearts Christmas Ornament
  24. Set of Chip ‘N’ Dale Glittering Winter Ornaments
  25. Felt Chip and Dale Handmade Christmas Ornaments