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This past week, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida debuted a new fireworks show.  Epcot Forever is the brand new fireworks show you can catch at Epcot theme park.

Of course, to debut this new fireworks show, that meant Epcot is ending IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  And while longtime Disney World fans may be sad to see the popular fireworks show go, the new fireworks show is incredibly exciting to longtime Disney fans.

This is because Epcot Forever is a wonderful celebration of the Epcot theme park.  The fireworks show is set to music popular past and present Epcot attractions.

Epcot Attractions Included:

  • “One Little Spark” from the Journey into Imagination ride (or, as I thought of it as a kid, the Figment ride)
  • “We’ve Just Begun to Dream”, the former Epcot theme song
  • “New Horizons” from the Horizons ride
  • “Listen to the Land” from the Listen to the Land ride (which is now Living with the Land)
  • “Tomorrow’s Child” from Spaceship Earth
  • The theme song from the Soarin’ ride
  • “Magic Journeys” song from the Magic Journeys attraction
  • “Makin’ Memories” from the Magic Journeys pre-show
  • “It’s Fun to Be Free”, the theme song from World of Motion
  • “Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit” from Kitchen Cabaret
  • “Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand” from Epcot’s Millennium Celebration
  • Song from the Tapestry of Nations parade
  • “Golden Dream” from the American Adventure

And if you’re an Aladdin fan, you’ll love the inclusion of “A Whole New World”!

But even if you’ve never been to Epcot before, you’ll really enjoy this fireworks show.  It’s truly spectacular and great for all ages.  Just watch it for yourself in our video from the opening night!

Epcot Forever is one of the reasons you should go ahead and visit Walt Disney World this fall.  See some of the other reasons here.