The Main Street Burger is a delicious burger with bacon and eggs available at the Magic Kingdom's Plaza Restaurant in Orlando, Florida

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The Plaza Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant at the Magic Kingdom theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  You may have never noticed it.  But you’ve probably walked by it before if you’ve ever been to the Magic Kingdom before.

When you walk into the park and you walk down the right side of Main Street USA and take a right, you’re at the restaurant.  You basically pass by it if the first place you go in the Magic Kingdom is in Tomorrowland.

Plaza Restaurant Theming & Atmosphere

The Plaza Restaurant really fits in well with the Main Street USA theming.  It has a turn-of-the-century luxury feel.

I really loved the chandeliers.  They give the restaurant the right look of elegance.

I love the chandeliers, mirrors and decor at Magic Kingdom's Plaza Restaurant in Orlando, FL

I loved the mirrors in the restaurant and the wall and door decor.  It gave it the right kind of feel for a Main Stree USA restaurant.

I loved the chairs and carpet, too.  Of course, I love everything green, so that helped!

The artwork was really good, too.  It just added to the whole atmosphere and my family’s enjoyment of the restaurant.

My family loved the flowers at paintings up at the Plaza Restaurant a Walt Disney World Resort restaurant in Orlando, FL

And did I mention the views?  Depending on where you sit, you can get a great view of Cinderella’s Castle!

Plaza Restaurant is a restaurant right off Main Street USA in Disney's Magic Kingdom and it has great views of Cinderella's Castle

The entire restaurant itself is not particularly large.  This gives it a nice intimate feeling.

But with that in mind, you might want to look for a reservation before you go on your trip.  That way, you can secure the restaurant and you don’t have to keep checking for a reservation.  It might be all booked by the time you get to Disney World, especially if you are visiting at a peak time.

But if you don’t have one, don’t worry.  Some same-day reservations do pop up.  Just look earlier in the day rather than later.

Plaza Restaurant

But enough about the theming and reservations.  I am sure you want to know about the food!  Well, luckily I can tell you, it was delicious!

Let me start with the menu item I had.  I had the Main Street Burger… and it was amazing!

The Main Street Burger is a delicious burger with bacon and eggs available at the Magic Kingdom's Plaza Restaurant in Orlando, Florida

It was a great Angus burger.  The fries were good, too.  But what really makes this burger special is what they add to the burger.  They add some standard things you might see at other restaurants, like lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

But then they not only add bacon but also a Beer-battered Onion Ring and a Sunny-side Up Egg!  This makes this burger truly special.  I had never had a burger before with all of these extras.  And let me tell you, I loved it!  It really is good.

I would recommend, though, if you have this for lunch, have a light breakfast.  Because this meal is quite filling.  Plus, it’s kind of like a combination breakfast and lunch since it’s a burger along with eggs and bacon!

The other meal my family really enjoyed here was the Plaza Turkey Club.

My family enjoyed the Plaza Turkey Club at the Plaza Restaurant on Main Street in Magic Kingdom at WDW

The fries were very good, and of course, the sandwich was, too.  The turkey itself was really good and was a highlight.  The Toasted Sourdough Bread was also a standout, too.  The rest of the sandwich (the lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise) was also good.

Overall, my family really loved eating here and we definitely recommend your family eating here as well!

Magic Kingdom Hotels

One thing that made eating really special is that my family was staying at the Wilderness Lodge.  So after we were done with lunch, we were able to quickly leave Magic Kingdom and get on a boat.  That made it really easy to beat the afternoon heat and take a nap in our room.

That is why staying at hotels that have are so close to Magic Kingdom is so great.  If you would like to stay in one of these hotels, click on our links and you will find out how to get them at a great price!

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Hotels with Boat Access

Disney World Tickets

You’ll need a ticket to Magic Kingdom in order to eat at the Plaza Restaurant.  In order to get discounted tickets to Magic Kingdom, click here.