Best Star Wars themed Valentine's gifts: glassware, jewelry, shirts, candy, cards & more

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Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love?  How about making it Star Wars themed?

We came up with our list of the best Star Wars Valentine’s Day gifts.  They can be great gifts for a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend, etc.  There are even gift options for pets!

This list contains a mix of cards, jewelry, shirts, etc. that are Valentine’s Day themed/romantic and definitely Star Wars.  There are even decals you can add to your Magic Band if you visit Disney World and Mouse Ears you can wear to the Disney parks!  We also have great shirts that would be great to wear to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World and Disneyland.  You can see Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge here:

So if you are looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift for a Star Wars fan, you can’t go wrong with something on this list!

    1. Princess Leia Quote I Love You T-Shirt
    2. Han Solo Quote I Know T-Shirt
    3. Funko Pop! Star Wars: Valentines – Grogu
    4. Star Wars Valentine’s Day Shot Glassware
    5. Chewbacca Star Wars Coffee Tea Cup Mug Valentine’s Day Chewy I Chews You
    6. You R2 Cute ~ R2D2 ~ Zak Designs – Coffee Tea Milk Collector Mug – Star Wars
    7. Funko Pop! Star Wars: Valentines – Mandalorian Vinyl Bobblehead
    8. Darth Vader Chibi Ceramic Figural Valentine’s Day Mug
    9. Galerie Star Wars R2D2 Heart Tin 3.38 Oz Valentine’s Day Gift
    10. Obi-Wan Kenobi Valentine’s Day T-Shirt for Adults – Star Wars
    11. Star Wars Valentine’s Day Grogu Plush (Baby Yoda, The Child, Clan of 2 Sweater)
    12. Han and Leia Valentine Minnie Ears
    13. Funko Pop! Star Wars: Valentines – Princess Leia Vinyl Bobblehead
    14. R2-D2 Valentine’s Day Pullover Sweatshirt for Adults – Star Wars
    15. Star Wars Valentine Tumbler, Rey and Kylo RenTumbler,
    16. 3D Star Wars Valentines Day Gift For Boyfriend | 8X10 Nerdy Husband Wife Anniversary Gift | I Love You I Know | Star Wars Gift For Men
    17. Funko Pop! Star Wars: Valentines – Luke & Grogu Vinyl Bobblehead
    18. Darth Vader Valentine’s Day Mug, Star Wars Valentines Day Mug, I’ve Been Waiting For You, My Love. We Meet Again, At Last
    19. Star Wars Valentine’s Mandalorian Heart Box with Gummy Frogs
    20. Star Wars Valentines Day Mug, Storm Trooper with Hearts Mug, Star Wars Mug for Her, Star Wars Mug for him, Perfect Star Wars Gift
    21. Yoda Obi Wan For Me – Star Wars Valentine’s Day Gift – 16oz Pint Beer Glass
    22. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Valentine’s Plush
    23. I Love You I Know Silver Rebel Necklace Set
    24. Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Necklace
    25. Star Wars Reversible Valentines Minnie Ears
    26. Yoda One for Me Valentine’s Day Racerback Tank Top
    27. Reylo Rey Kylo Watch
    28. My Valentine Will You Be Matching Couple Shirts
    29. R2-D2 Too Cute Valentine’s Day T-Shirt
    30. Baby Yoda Valentine Mug
    31. Funko Pop! Star Wars: Valentines – Ahsoka Vinyl Bobblehead
    32. Star Wars Valentine’s Day Heart Galaxy T-Shirt
    33. Couple Star Wars Portrait Custom Digital Watercolor
    34. I Love You I Know Star Wars Matching Couples Bracelets
    35. Yoda Obi-Wan for Me Mu
    36. Reylo Night Lamp 3D
    37. Darth Vader Valentine’s Day Lounge Pants Pajama Bottoms
    38. Han Solo and Leia – Mr. & Mrs. Magic Band Decals
    39. I Love You to the Death Star and Back Couple Keychain
    40. R2-D2 and C-3PO Valentine’s Day Racerback Tank Top
    41. Valentine Baby Yoda Crochet Stuffed Amigurumi
    42. I’m Her Scoundrel Shirt
    43. I’m His Rebel Princess Leia Shirt
    44. BB My Valentine BB8 Greeter Robot
    45. Star Wars Valentines Day Fabric Hair Bow
    46. Yoda Love of My Life Mug
    47. Ewok Love Will Endor Valentine’s Day Shirt
    48. Rey & Kylo Ren Happy Valentine’s Day Mug
    49. Porg Don’t Porget Me Valentine’s Day T-Shirt
    50. Surgical Scrub Hats/Caps Valentines Days Star Wars
    51. Japor Snippet Star Wars necklace Padmé Amidala/Anakin Skywalker
    52. Han Solo and Leia I Love You I Know 14 x 14 Inches Pillow Covers
    53. Valentine’s Day Star Wars Classic Movie Mug with Cocoa
    54. Boba Fett I Heard There Was a Bounty on Your Heart Valentine’s Day T-Shirt
    55. I Love You, to the Death Star and Back Valentine’s Day Sign
    56. Yoda Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card
    57. I Love You I Know Valentines Day Heart Necklace Set
    58. Rey/Kylo Ren Mug
    59. Baby Yoda Mine You Will Valentine’s Day Shirt
    60. Princess Leia Han Solo Valentine Sign
    61. R2-D2 C-3PO Droid I’m Looking For Valentine’s Day T-Shirt
    62. Valentine’s Day Lost Without Chew Racerback Tank Top
    63. Darth Vader Half Face Heart Tin with Chocolate
    64. Star Wars Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    65. Without You I’d Be Solo Valentine’s Day Card
    66. Valentine’s Day Yoda Racerback Tank Top
    67. Darth Vader Heart Shape Felt Box with Lollipop Suckers
    68. BB-8 Mine Pop Up Card
    69. I Love You to The Death Star And Back Mug
    70. Star Wars Valentine’s Day Reversible Infinity Scarf
    71. I Love You I Know Valentine’s Card
    72. Darth Vader GrabNGo Valentine’s Gift Set
    73. Heroes in Hearts Handmade Drawstring Bag
    74. Would You BB My Valentine Shirt
    75. Yoda One for Me Valentine’s Day Balloons
    76. Printable Love Coupon Booklet Gift for Him or for Her with Star Wars Characters
    77. I Am Your Valentine Mug
    78. Anakin and Padme – Mr. & Mrs. Magic Band Decals
    79. You are the Leia to my Han/Han to my Leia Matching Mugs
    80. Intergalactic Love Ears
    81. Yoda Cupid Pop Up Card
    82. Valentine’s Day Star Wars Character Hearts Racerback Tank Top
    83. Our Love Will Endor Valentine’s Card
    84. Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Shirt
    85. Rey Star Wars Heart Box with Candy Pieces and Stickers
    86. “I Love You/I Know” Picture Frame
    87. Darth Vader You Will Be My Valentine Shirt
    88. Valentine’s Day Star Wars Scrunchie
    89. Star Wars The Last Jedi Women’s Valentine PORG Striped Heart Racerback Tank Top
    90. Star Wars Crew Socks Women’s 3-pair Gift Box Love Valentine’s Day
    91. Rey and Kylo Ren You Are Nothing But Not to Me Valentine’s Mug
    92. Star Wars Valentine’s Day Reversible Bandana for Pets
    93. Han and Leia Star Wars Eco Travel Mug Set
    94. Reylo Charm Necklace – Rey & Ben Solo Pendant
    95. You Make My Heart Explode Death Star Heart T-Shirt
    96. Scoundrel & Princess Mug Set
    97. Baby, Yoda Only One For Me Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Card
    98. Rogue One Star Wars Valentine’s Day Card
    99. Leia and Han Matching His and Her Car Window Decals
    100. Best Boyfriend in the Galaxy Mug