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Fearplex is giving us Lights Out at Fairplex in Pomona from October 6 to October 31, 2023.  It immerses guests in an unparalleled horror experience where nightmares come to life with heart-pounding intensity.

Now you may be saying to yourself is it really that scary?  Really?  Let’s just say you probably need to make your last will and testament before you go.

This is a large complex of horror.  In the darkness, the possibilities are endless, dead endless. 


There are 3 mazes and each one is a masterpiece of terror.  Only the bravest soul will be able to go through all three.

Zombie Escape

You can expect intense encounters with undead souls, ghouls and infected guests and they all want to make you one of them.  You’ll have to get through zombie infested areas, including the research lab, cold storage, the morgue and more.  Just don’t let the undead infest you.

Carnival of Evil

If you can make it through the scare zone, you’ll enter the dark side of the circus.  You’ll find circus freaks and blood red cotton candy.  Crazed and killer clowns lurk everywhere but you won’t see them until it’s too late.  They want to make you a part of their fiendish show.  Can you get out alive?


Your journey into horror begins with navigating your way through a scare zone.  Then you’ll find glowing landscapes filled with creatures from other dimensions.  Intense costumed actors will be portraying monsters from your worst nightmares.  Can you scream if your heart is in your throat?  You might just find out.

Interactive Attractions

If you make it through the mazes, pat yourself on the back and have a go at the interactive terrifying attractions, like

Wax Museum

You’ll see monsters that appear so real their eyes follow you wherever you go.  Keep looking over your shoulder because everything you fear is in here.

Creepy Graveyard

Sure they’re buried but are they actually dead?  This is an interactive scare, so you can expect that they won’t all stay in their graves.

Additional Event Info

And then there’s more.  There are many scare zones.  Toxic Terror is a black light experience that will have you calling for your Mama! 

And there’s a lot more.  You can play some of the best horror themed eGames in a gaming setting.  Food vendors will be there as well as beverage vendors.  There’ll be a DJ and dance floor.  Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

People come back to Lights Out more than once each season and are back again the next year.  See for yourself why that is.


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