Discounted tickets to Scarizona Scaregrounds in Mesa

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If you are looking to get scared this Halloween season, then head to the preferred place of scares in Arizona: Scarizona Scaregrounds!

Scarizona Scaregrounds takes place in Mesa, near Phoenix, Arizona.  It is a huge hit, and for good reason.  Check out the great attractions at Scarizona Scaregrounds.

Haunted Houses

Scarizona Scaregrounds has three different haunted houses that are a lot of fun.

Slayer’s Slaughter House

In the late 1880s, this was a small town meat processing plant and slaughter house for Arizona locals. Now, it is one of Arizona’s leading haunted attractions!  Most of it was torn down.  But its main receiving area and offices still stand on this property.

The story behind this haunted house is the legend of James Dedrict.  After he started seeing himself in the animals he killed, he (naturally) started secretly transferring animals to humans.  He tried to merge animal parts onto workers’ bodies.  He ended up being brutally killed in 1932 – by what a local claimed to be a half-man, half pig!  Pigman has been spotted by several visitors.  See if you see him during your trip to this haunted house.

Epic Fear

What scares you most?  Chances are, you will see it in this haunted house.  We’re talking clowns, chainsaws, zombies…basically, this is a chance for you to come face to face with your greatest fear!

Startled Darkness

Now, if your greatest fear is the dark, then this haunted house will really scare you!  In fact, it is not recommended for anyone who doesn’t like dark, confined spaces.  While you are in this haunted house, you will hear startling sounds and see scary things jumping out at you from the dark.  Don’t tell you I didn’t warn you!

Other Attractions

Scarizona Scaregrounds has more than just haunted houses.

Operation: Zombie Storm

Scarizona Scaregrounds is also home to Arizona’s first interactive Zombie Paintball Shoot!  You’ll climb aboard one of Military Transports and head into the desert.  There, you will accept your mission, which is to hunt for live zombies!  All ages are acceptable at this attraction, as long as children are accompanied by an adult.  Also, in case you were worried, no paintballs will be shot at the customers.

Beer & Wine Cemetery

Some of the best brews around will be sold here.  We don’t blame you one bit if this is your first stop!

Live Music

Local bands will be playing each night.  A live DJ will be there as well.


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