Bundle your hotel with Big Thunder Gold Mine, Mammoth Site of Hot Springs with Mount Rushmore family vacation package

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Mount Rushmore is one of those travel destinations so many of us have always wanted to visit – or visit again.  I was so excited when I finally got to go, and the experience did not disappoint.  We enjoyed Mt. Rushmore so much, and since then have often discussed going back.

If you are thinking about taking a family vacation to Mount Rushmore, first of all, great decision.  It is a wonderful place to visit.

But secondly, you may be thinking about getting a vacation package.  A vacation package is a great way to save money and see great attractions.  By booking your hotel along with activities, you can save money.

So that is why you should get the Mount Rushmore Ultimate Family Vacation.  It gives you everything you need to have a fun vacation.

Here’s what you get with the package.

Hotel Accommodations

The hotel accommodations included in this package actually give you a great choice.  You can choose from 45 different area hotels.  You get 4-nights lodging in the hotel of your choice, provided there is availability.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs Admission

This vacation package gives your family admission to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

The Mammoth Site has an interesting backstory.  Back in 1974, a new housing development was in the works in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  So a heavy equipment operator was leveling ground only to find out then in addition to just finding dirt, they found mysterious bones!  Turns out this 14-acre area was actually a mammoth graveyard!

Now, the site is a museum and is the only late Ice Age facility of its kind in North America.

Here you can:

  • See the remains of over 60 mammoths
  • Watch scientists conducting their research through a glass wall
  • Walk along the edges of a sinkhole
  • See endless life-life displays of various creatures from the Ice Age

This is a great place for adults and kids, too.  Children even have the opportunity to have hands-on experiences here.  So it should be a great addition to your trip to Mount Rushmore.

Big Thunder Gold Mine

Big Thunder Gold Mine allows you to feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the settling of the Black Hills of South Dakota.  You get to tour an authentic gold mine.  Knowledgeable and interesting tour guides will teach you about the history of the area. There is an on-site museum modeled after the Tykoon Gold Mill, the gold mill that was built on the Big Thunder property in 1895.

The part that is often the most fun for kids is that you get to pan for gold yourself!  They even get to take home their new treasures!


So TLDR, here’s what you get with the package:

  • 4 Nights’ Lodging in your choice of over 45 hotels.
  • Mammoth Site of Hot Springs Admission
  • Big Thunder Gold Mine Tour and Panning Combo Tickets

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