Discount Seven Seas Food Festival tickets Orlando Florida

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This weekend, the Seven Seas Food Festival is beginning at SeaWorld Orlando!  It runs from February 7th through May 3rd and is a wonderful mix of great food, drinks and concerts.

My family loved attending last year.  Here is a video from our visit last time:

And here are 3 reasons why I think this event is a must this year:

  1. The food: You’ll be able to eat delicious cuisine from all around the world, including:
    • Mexican Market: Serving foods like Taco Al Pastor & Chalupas Tostada
    • Caribbean Market: Serving foods like El Jibarito Kobi Slider & Paella
    • Brazilian Market: Serving foods like Brazilian Picanha Steak & Salchipapa
    • Mediterranean Market: Serving foods like grilled lamp chop & Mediterranean Hummus and Garlic Fries
    • Italian Market: Serving foods like Penne Carbonara & Palermo Fontina Cheese Meatballs
    • German Market: Serving foods like Pretzel Wrapped Bratwurst & Wiener Schnitzel Slider
    • Polynesian Market: Serving foods like Spicy Poke Tuna Bowl & Hawaiian Pineapple Dream Cake
    • Asian Market: Serving foods like Duck and Mushroom Ramen Bowl & skewered pork wrapped in bacon
    • All-American Market: Serving foods like Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Chicken Wings & Bison Sloppy Joe
    • Gulf Coast Market: Serving foods like Oyster Po Boy & Crawfish Étouffée
    • North Atlantic Market: Serving foods like New England Lobster Roll and bacon & cheddar hushpuppies
    • Pacific Coast Market: Serving foods like Pacific Coast Clam Chowder & Chili Pesto Pan Seared Scallop
    • Florida Market: Serving foods like Wild Boar Tenderloin & Gator Bites
  2. The drinks: Let’s face it; drinking tends to make every event better. Here are some of the drinks that will be served during the Seven Seas Food Festival:
    • West Coast Festival Sangria
    • Sapporo Rice Lager
    • Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
    • Gancia Prosecco
    • Frozen Key Lime Martini
    • Pacifico Clara
    • Caramel Cream Ale
    • Ty Ku Sake Junmai Silver
    • Beach Blonde Witbier
    • Schmitt Sohne Riesling QBA
    • Frozen Lynchburg Lemonade
    • Wente Vineyards Chardonnay
    • Dos Equis Lager
    • Kona Big Wave
    • Hurricane
    • Banfi Centine Rosso
    • Momokawa Sake Pearl Nigori
    • Copper Tail Free Dive
    • Frozen Caipirinha
    • Rum Runner
    • La Finca Miami
    • Trivento Reserve Malbec
    • Italian Sunset
    • North by Northwest Riesling
    • Ty Ku Sake Junmai Silver
  3. Concerts: Every weekend (Saturday & Sunday) will bring a different concert to the Seven Seas Food Festival. Please check out the Seven Seas Festival website for more information on concert dates.

In addition to the food, drink and entertainment, you can enjoy the rides and shows at SeaWorld.  Admission to the Seven Seas Food Festival is included in the price of a ticket to SeaWorld Orlando.  Please see here for more information on how to get discounted SeaWorld tickets.