Discounted admission for Adventure Island water park in Tampa, Florida

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Adventure Island Water Park

Adventure Island is the premiere water park in Tampa, Florida.  There are lots of rides and attractions the whole family can enjoy.  If you are looking for a fun time in Tampa Bay, then you should definitely head to Adventure Island.  It is a great way to cool off and have fun.


Adventure Island has a lot of attractions that make the water park so special!

Solar Vortex

Did you know that Adventure Island is home to America’s very first dual tailspin waterslide?  It is a high-thrill family raft slide with two open tailspin features.

Colossal Curl

Colossal Curl is Adventure Island’s newest ride – and the best thrill water slide in Florida!  It is a high-adrenaline, action-packed ride full of corkscrews and waterfalls.

Vanish Point

Vanish Point is Adventure Island’s new drop slide.  The floor is literally pulled from under your feet and then you go down a 70-foot drop slide.  So not for the faint at heart!

Calypso Coaster

Calypso Coaster is a kid-friendly open flume ride.  It starts from one of the highest points in the water park.  And from there, you will enjoy twists and turns until you are dropped into the splash pool.

Aruba Tuba

Aruba Tuba is an enclosed water slide.  You’ll go down this fast water slide in the dark!  That is until you land in the splash pool!

Caribbean Corkscrew

Caribbean Corkscrew lets you race a friend!  There are two water slides, so you and your friend can each take one.  You will then slide down a fast and twisting ride – and you’ll do it completely in the dark!


Want to race even more friends?  Riptide has the distinction of being Florida’s first four-lane mat slide.  You and your competitors get released at the same time from a height of 55 feet into your own tubes.   You then twist through a hairpin turn before you and your competitors into four open-air lanes for a wet finish!

Endless Surf

Endless Surf is Adventure Island’s 17,000 square foot wave pool.  You’ll feel like you’re at the ocean, but you can count on these waves happening.  Because a rolling surf with great waves comes every five minutes!

Rambling Bayou

I love exciting slides and the surf pool.  But often my favorite part of a water park is the lazy river.  And Adventure Island’s lazy river, Rambling Bayou, is one great lazy river.  Because it is more than just a lazy river.  It’s a half-mile tube trip through a colorful, beautiful rain forest!  You can relax in your tube while you see lush landscapes.  You can enjoy tropical waterfalls.  And you even experience rain and fog!

Water Mocassin

The Water Mocassin attraction consists of three different water slides.  Each water slide is a different experience.  And you won’t know when you start which slide will be the one delivering you into the splash pool!

Paradise Lagoon

Paradise Lagoon is a really neat 9,000 square-feet pool at Adventure Island.  You can just relax in the pool. Or you can find some adventure.  There’s a net to climb and a cliff that you can jump from into the pool.  Life vests are available to non-experienced swimmers.

Fabian’s Fun Port

Are you taking young children to Adventure Island?  Well, if you think there are only wild rides for older kids, think again!  Fabian’s Fun Port is the perfect place to take younger kids.  It features a water-friendly jungle gym, bubbly springs, and jumping jets for spraying and playing.

Splash Attack

Splash Attack is another great attraction where kids can have fun.  It includes a gigantic treehouse with over 50 water play toys!


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