The nativity scene at Busch Gardens Christmas Town in Williamsburg, Virginia

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Busch Gardens Virginia Christmas Town

Every year during the holiday season, my family makes a point to travel to Williamsburg, Virginia.  We do this because we want to visit the Busch Gardens Christmas Town event!  It’s a really great event.  It’s full of great experience, food, drinks, shows and 10 million Christmas lights!

You can get an appreciation for what a great event this is in our video:

As you can see, there are great Christmas experiences and decorations throughout the park.  Each section of the park comes to life.  We’ll go over each section – and at the end tell you how to get discounted tickets!


A picture of the beautiful holiday decorations at the Italy section of Busch Gardens Christmas Town

I love every part of Christmas Town.  But Italy may be my favorite.  This is where you’ll find some of the most beautiful holiday lights at any place I have ever been.  I love the Polar Pathway, where Escape from Pompeii has been transformed into a winter wonderland of lights.  I also love the Nativity Scene you can find in Italy.

Italy is also where you can find the brand new show, Believe.  It’s a solo piano & vocalist act with inspirational holiday music.  It’s held at the San Marco Theater, where you can catch the show and enjoy eating delicious food from Marco Polo Marketplace.  You can get a glimpse of the show here:

There are fun rides in Italy that are open during Christmas Town, too.

  • The Battering Ram (a swinging pendulum ship ride)
  • The Flying Machine (an up and down spinning ride)

And rides for children:

  • The Little Balloons (A balloon ride)
  • The Little Gliders (A glider ride)


Outside Festhaus at Oktoberfest at Christmas Town in Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Oktoberfest is another highlight of Busch Gardens Christmas Town.  You’ll find one of the most gorgeous Christmas tree you’ve ever seen here.  You can see the 50-foot tree in all its beauty during O’ Tannenbaum, a multi-colored spectacular light show.  The lights are synchronized to a beautiful holiday score.

The Christmas tree is located right outside Das Festhaus.  Das Festhaus is definitely a place you will want to visit during your trip to Christmas Town.  It’s a great place to eat meals, because they not only serve the great foods you except here all year long but they also serve delicious holiday foods!  And while you can eat, you can enjoy the great show, Deck the Halls.  Talented performers sing and dance to popular holiday songs while accompanied by a live band!  You’ll see parts of it in our video.

Next to Festhaus is a brand new experience to Busch Gardens Christmas Town that my family adored.  It is the Traditions Tree Maze!  You can make your way through a maze of 500 freshly cut pine trees.  And that’s not all.  During the maze, you will see displays of 5 different international holidays:

  • Israel: The Festival of Lights, Hanukkah
  • Japan: The Japanese New Year Celebration, Shogatsu
  • Mexico: The Feast of the Three Kings Celebration, Día de los Reyes
  • India: The Festival of Lights, Diwali
  • South Africa: The First Fruits Festival, Umkhosi Wokweshwama

Oktoberfest is home to Santa’s Workshop, where you can get your picture taken with Santa!

You can also find Mistletoe Marketplace here.  It’s a traditional German Christmas market.  There are lots of unique handmade items here.  And you can enjoy traditional German Gluhwein or a holiday wine tasting here!  Oktoberfest is also home to Der Marketplatz, another great place for Christmas Town souvenirs.  It even has a holiday train display!  Ornament World is also here, which is great if you want that perfect ornament.

Oktoberfest is also where you can find Mach Tower, which is a spiraling drop tower.  Mach Tower is a great place to see all the beautiful holiday lights of Christmas Town because you’re taken 240 feet in the air.

Other rides you can enjoy in Oktoberfest include:

  • Der Wirbelwind (Giant swing ride)
  • Der Roto Baron (Airplane ride)
  • Verbolten (A multi-launch indoor/outdoor roller coaster)
  • Der Autobahn Jr. (Bumper cars for kids)
  • Der Autobahn (Bumper cars)


Projection mapping makes Germany in Busch Gardens Christmas Town come alive with gingerbread men and holiday decorations

You can see amazing Christmas sights at the Wilkommenhaus in Germany through projection mapping!  You see a festive village & gingerbread men come to life every 15 minutes.  It’s a really neat experience.

You can also enjoy Kinder Karussel while you’re here, a traditional horse carousel ride.


The France section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park Christmas Town

France has such beautiful holiday decorations, which you can see in our video.  I just love the colors used!

France is where you can find my favorite show at Christmas Town, ‘Twas That Night.  It’s a wonderful ice show starring Elvis Stojko, an Olympic medalist and world-champion figure skater.  It is a great retelling of the Night Before Christmas story.  You can see it here:

New France

A picture of New France at Busch Gardens Christmas Town in Williamsburg, Virginia

New France has beautiful Christmas decorations.  I love the red and green lights on the trees here.

New France is where you board on the Christmas Express.  This is a holiday-themed train ride you take around the park.  You can enjoy lighted holiday decorations during your train ride.  And singing along to popular holiday songs!

New France is where you can find Photos of Christmas Past.  This is where you can get a family photo where you’re wearing fashion of yesteryear.  A truly unique holiday photo!  You can also make your own unique gifts or take-homes at Caribou Pottery, where you can make your own mugs, plates and bowls.

Another ride you can enjoy while you’re in New France is Le Catapult, a classic scrambler ride.


Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park has a beautiful London, England section

England has such beautiful Christmas decorations, don’t you think?  I love the wreaths, candles and lights on Big Ben.

England is home to a great musical, Scrooge No More!  It is a musical version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  Speaking of Charles Dickens, you can find Dickensian Christmas Carolers here singing Christmas songs, which you can see in our video.  And keep with a Charles Dickens theme, you can get some great Dickens-themed cocktails at Cobblestone Ales & Spirits in England.  If you’re looking for something sweeter in England, check out the delicious holiday treats available at M. Sweets Confectionary.

England, by the way, has a great heated tent with tables and chairs.  In my opinion, it is the warmest of Busch Gardens’ heated seating areas.  So if you are cold and anywhere close to England, I suggest heating up here!


Enjoy Christmas in Killarney at Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia

Have you ever wanted to enjoy Christmas in Killarney, like the song?  Well, you can, without ever having to leave the United States!  Just head to the Ireland section of Busch Gardens!

The holiday decorations in the Ireland section are really beautful, too.  I love the trees and green lights near the wolves.

Ireland is where you can find Santa’s Fireside Feast.  You can enjoy a delicious buffet meal in a majestic castle.  Santa will tell a Christmas story and you’ll get to see Mrs. Claus and the elves, too!  You can reserve this here.

Ireland is home to a great show, too: Gloria!  Gloria! is held at the Abbey Stone Theatre.  It is a retelling of the story of the birth of Christ.  The singers are so incrediby talented.  This is definitely something you are going to want to see!

A fun thing to do during Christmas Town in Ireland is Finnegan’s Flyer.  You’ll be able to see the beautiful holiday lights as you fly above the park.  And if you’re in the mood for rides while you’re in Ireland, enjoy Battle For Eire, the popular 360-degree virtual reality adventure ride.

And if you want to warm up with a good drink here, head to Grogan’s Pub.  We did this last time and we loved it!


The Scotland section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg has beautiful Christmas decoration

Scotland has beautiful decorations and lights.  My favorite is the Loch Ness Monster with a Santa hat!

You can get a really unique holiday photo here.  You can get a photo taken with one of the Clydesdale horses found at the Highland Stables!

As far as rides are concerned, children can enjoy Li’l Clydes horse ride here.

Holiday Hills

Holiday Hills is the part of Busch Gardens Christmas Town where you can meet Rudolph

Holiday Hills is home to Rudolph’s Winter Wonderland!  This is where you can meet Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Clarice, Bumble and Yukon Cornelius.  And of course get your picture taken with these special holiday characters!

Holiday Hils is also where you can enjoy holiday-themed rides:

  • Reindeer Run (a children’s bobsled ride)
  • Snowman Summit (a speedy bobsled ride)
  • Peppermint Twist (a spinning teacup ride)

Holiday Hills is also home to Cocoa Cafe, where you can get Ghirardelli hot chocolate, cookies and cupcakes.

Sesame Street Forest of Fun

Sesame Street Forest of Fun's holiday decorations at Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Sesame Street Forest of Fun is where you’ll find Elmo’s Christmas Wish.  This is a children-centric holiday musical show.  It stars popular Sesame Street characters like Grover, Cookie Monster, Rosita, and Zoe.

Busch Gardens Christmas Town Discount Tickets

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