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Indiana Beach Amusement & Water Park Resort

Indiana Beach Amusement & Water Park Resort is located on the shores of Lake Shafer in Monticello, IN.  It is an amusement and water park with over 40 rides and attractions.  Indiana Beach is a really fun place to visit for kids and adults.  It makes a wonderful family vacation.

Rides & Attractions

As I said, there are over forty attractions and rides.  I’ll describe some of these attractions right now.

Steel Hawg

Steel Hawg is a roller coaster with twists, turns, and times where guests are upsides down.


Tig’rr is a thrilling steel coaster ride with high-speed drops and curves.

Rocky’s Rapids Log Flume

Rocky’s Rapids is a log flume ride with an exciting splash finish.

Hoosier Hurricane

Hoosier Hurricane is a wooden roller coaster where you speed down the entire length of the boardwalk – and then back again!

Shafer Queen

Shafer Queen is an old-fashioned riverboat ride where you get to tour the lake.

Den of Lost Thieves

Den of Lost Thieves is an electric-powered dark ride.  It is unique in that it has an interactive shooting gallery.

Cornball Express

Cornball Express is a thrilling roller coaster with lots of twists, turns, and drops.


Zero-G is a high-looping roller coaster ride.

Cap’n Crow’s Bumper Boats

Cap’n Crow’s Bumper Boats is a fun ride where you get to pilot your own boat.  You’ll be cruising the lagoon looking for boats you can crash into.

Rocky’s Round Up

Rocky’s Round Up is a carousel ride with lots of horses and even two ornate chariots.


Skycoaster is an exciting thrill ride with back and forth swinging motions, plus a sudden drop.

Crazy Carp

Crazy Carp is a mild, water-themed adventure ride.  It goes around in a circular motion and it gently rises and falls so you will feel like you are riding a real whale!

Wild Wagons

Wild Wagons is a thrill ride featuring outward-pivoting cars.


Paratrooper is a circular ride with a downward-spinning arc movement.

Lost Coaster of Superstitious Mountain

Lost Coaster of Superstitious Mountain is a high-speed roller coaster through an abandoned mine.

Dr. Frankenstein’s Haunted Castle

Dr. Frankenstein’s Haunted Castle is a walk-through haunted house attraction.  You’ll get to go through Dr. Frankenstein’s castle and see what experiments he is doing.

Music Express

Music Express is a musical-themed ride where riders are spun around in a circular motion.

Double Shot

Double Shot is a great thrill ride with a rapid ascent & descent.

Water Swings

Water Swings is a ride where guests in swings spin around while in elevation.

Spackman Express

Spackman Express is a relaxing train ride.  In addition to being a ride, it also gives you transportation to the south end of the park.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon is a ride where you board a huge boat that goes back and forth in a swinging motion.


Scrambler is a circular ride with a double spinning motion.

Rockin’ Tug

Rockin’ Tug is a boat ride with gentle spins and dips.

Falling Star

Falling Star is a platform ride where you will go through a 360-degree arc.


Skyride is a lift-type ride that gives you great views of the park.

First Flight

First Flight is a circular ride where you go around in circles in your own plane and you can control the height of your plane with a control stick.

Mini Motors

Mini Motors is a fire-and-rescue themed, circular, fun ride.

Antique Autos

Antique Autos is a leisurely-paced, family-friendly car ride over water.

Leap Frog

Leap Frog is a tower ride that rises slowly up and then bounces during the descent.

Air Crow

Air Crow is a circular swing ride where you can use a fin to control your vehicle’s swinging motion.


If you like bumper cars, then you will love Dodgem!

Big Flush

Big Flush is a fun and fast water coaster adventure ride.


Tilt-A-Whirl is a ride with carriages that spin independently.

Beach Buggies

Beach Buggies is a car-themed circular ride.

Giant Gondola Wheel

Giant Gondola Wheel is a huge Ferris Wheel ride.

Boogie Boats

Boogie Boats is a mild boat ride that rotates in a circular fashion.

Flying Bobs

Flying Bobs is a ride of moderate thrill level where your vehicle goes around in a circular motion.

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