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Have you gone to Michigan’s Adventure Muskegon, MI yet this summer?  Well, luckily there is still time to go, because I know you don’t want a miss a chance to visit Michigan’s largest and best amusement park/waterpark.  Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park and WildWater Adventure Waterpark have, after all, over sixty different attractions that are just waiting for you to explore.

So today I want to go over all the fun things you can do there.  And then I want to tell you how you can save money on a ticket to this popular theme park!

Thrill Rides

Thrill rides are a huge reason a lot of people like going to theme parks.  And if that is you, you are in for a treat if you visit Michigan’s Adventure because they have a lot of thrill rides!

Corkscrew is a high-speed looping roller coaster where you’ll go upside-down – twice.  You’ll turn upside down five times on the high-speed suspended steel roller coaster ThunderhawkShivering Timbers and Wolverine Wildcat are fun wooden roller coasters.

Adventure Falls is a water flume ride, just with a large 20-passenger boat.  This is a great way to cool off this summer. Logger’s Run is a more traditional flume ride with an 1800’s Wild West theme.  You can also cool off on Grand Rapids, a family-style raft ride.

Ripcord is a high-thrill SkyCoaster attraction where you’ll feel like you are flying.  It even features a 180-foot free fall!

There are classic thrill rides like Tilt-A-Whirl, Scrambler, the classic swing ride Flying Trapeze, and the classic bumper car attraction Dodgem.  Other thrill rides include Trabant and Thunderbolt.

Kids Ride

Unfortunately, some of the thrill rides do have height requirements.  And you may have younger children who won’t be able to ride them.

But luckily, Michigan’s Adventure has some rides just for kids they’ll enjoy.

Airplanes is a slow-moving plane ride that rotates around a circle.  Beagle Scout Lookout is a hot air balloon ride that operates in a similar fashion.  Same with Elephants, but on this ride kids will feel as if they are riding an elephant.  Same with the car-themed Kiddie Cars, but in this case the ride is on the ground rather than in the air.  Motorcycles similarly operates on the ground.  Boat versions of the ride are Winky The Whale and Speed Splashers.

Beagle Scout Acres is a fun playground for kids.   There is the classic amusement park and fair ride Carousel.  Other rides include Pigpen’s Mud Buggies, PEANUTS Trailblazers, Camp Bus, and Frog Hopper.  And there are even two kid-themed roller coasters in Woodstock Express and Zach’s Zoomer.

Family Rides

There are rides you and your kids can have fun doing together.  Drummer Boy is a classic teacup ride.  Giant Gondola Wheel is like a classic Ferris wheel but you and your family can ride together in a gondola.  Mad Mouse is a classic medium-high-speed steel roller coaster.  Sea Dragon is a classic swing boat ride.  Another fun family ride is Lakeside Gliders.

You can get great views of the whole park on the classic train ride Timbertown Railway.  You can get in some exercise while you have fun on the paddle boat attraction Swan Boats.  And you and your family will enjoy seeing and petting animals like llamas, alpacas, and even a mini horse and a miniature donkey at Funland Farm.

WildWater Adventure Waterpark Attractions

A fun thing about Michigan’s Adventure that you don’t get with every theme park is that it has a waterpark included in the cost of its admission.  That waterpark is WildWater Adventure Waterpark!

And they have some great attractions.

Cyclone Zone is a water slide that is meant to emulate a real cyclone.  Slidewinders is a slide tower with three single-person slides.  Other water slides include HydroBlaster,
Ridge Rider/Wild Slide and Snake Pit.

Funnel of Fear is a cloverleaf tube ride where you’ll go to complete darkness before you drop vertically into a funnel and then a 36-inch splash pool.  Other raft rides include Mammoth River and Mine Shaft.

There are attractions for children, too.  Beach Party is an interactive water play structure with rope bridges, net crawls, body slides, sprayers, tipping pails, and a giant tipping bucket.  Half-Pint Paradise is a zero-depth water playground with fountains in the shape of sea animals.  Lagoon is a wading pool with three water fountains.  And they can get a junior-level thrill at Paradise Plunge/Tropical Twist.

Boogie Beach is a 15,000 square feet wave pool where every five minutes waves form of up to six feet.  But WildWater Adventure Waterpark isn’t done there: they have two other wave pools, Commotion Ocean and Tidal Wave, that have waves of up to five feet.  They also have a Lazy River.


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