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Plopsaland De Panne is a theme park on the Belgian Coast. It’s located in Adinkerke, Belgium, which is part of De Panne and close to the border of France. And the park has so many things to do for guests of all ages!

There are several roller coasters for more adventurous guests, as well as many rides that are child and/or family friendly. And throughout the park, you can find attractions and areas themed to popular Studio 100 characters (such as Maya the Bee, Plop the Gnome, and many more).

We’re going to go over the fun rides and attractions you can enjoy at Plopsaland De Panne – first the thrill rides, and then the children’s rides. We’ll also talk about the special events that are held at the park. And then we’ll share how Green Vacation Deals readers can get a discount on their tickets!

Thrill Rides at Plopsaland De Panne


Are you a fan of the popular television series #LikeMe? Then this is the roller coaster for you!

Walk through the gates of School Aan Stroom and go on an adventure with Caro, Camille, Vince and Yemi! During the roller coaster ride, you’ll get to hear some of the top hits from #LikeMe.

Please note that the queue closes no later than 6:30 PM, so you’ll want to make sure you get in line early enough during your visit.

Anubis The Ride

Het Huis Anubis was a wildly popular children’s drama that premiered in 2006. In Het Huis Anubis, students at a boarding school get involved in a mystery with connections to Egyptian mythology. The series led to movies, a spin-off, German and English language remakes… and this roller coaster!

Whether you’re more familiar with the original version or one of the remakes, you’ll have fun noticing the Anubis touches on this attraction. And even if you’ve never seen the series, you can appreciate the thrills. It takes only 2 seconds for this launch roller coaster to reach a height of 34 meters and a speed of 90 km/h.

The Big Wave

Join Halvar (the father of Vic the Viking) on a ride over sharp rocks. You’ll travel back and forth, up and down slopes, all while rotating in a circle!

The Coffee Cups

This is a spinning teacup ride, only in this variation you’ll spin around while seated inside a large decorative coffee cup.


This boat ride will take you past volcanoes and lava streams as you travel across a prehistoric land. But perhaps even more thrilling are the lifelike moving dinosaurs you’ll encounter! Please note that if you don’t like getting wet, you may want to avoid this attraction.

The Dragon

Travel around King Samson’s Castle with a dragon on this swirling roller coaster!

Heidi The Ride

This fun wooden roller coaster reaches a speed of over 70 km/h.  And you’ll be able to see the whole park when you reach a height of 22 metres. Be aware that the queue will close, at the latest, at 6:30 PM.

K3 Roller Skater

The popular girl group K3 has their own roller coaster at Plopsaland de Panne! And you can take a ride on this brightly coloured coaster with a Roller Disco theme.


Take in amazing views of the park and its surroundings on this high flying attraction. You’ll reach a height of nearly 70 metres.

The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland

If you love thrill rides, then you definitely won’t want to skip riding this steel roller coaster! It’s the first extreme spinning roller coaster in Europe.

You’ll be catapulted to a speed of 90 km/h – twice! At the highest point of the coaster, you’ll be 35 metres above the ground (which provides some excellent views of the theme park). There are five inversions. And the cars rotate freely, so each time you ride it’ll be a different experience.

The ride is themed to the Tomorrowland music festival. There’s even an exclusive soundtrack to the ride created by Tomorrowland to make the experience even more special.

Storm At Sea

Board a small pirate boat and see if you can handle the wild waves!


In this daring boat ride, you’ll descend from the highest point of the Pirates Zone, falling 30 metres lower at a speed of 70 km/h. Be prepared for quite a splash at the end – and for your clothes to get soaked!

Plopsaland De Panne Rides for Children


Stop by and see Amika, Merel’s beautiful horse from the television series Amika!

The Animal Carousel

Guests can ride on the back of a goat or pig on this rustic carousel.

The Animal Farm

Unlike the Animal Carousel, the animals you encounter here (like chickens and goats) are real!

The Ball Bath

Smaller guests (no greater than 1,40 m) can jump in and “splash” around in this bath full of balls!

Balloon Race

These beautiful, colourful balloons rotate in a circle in the air.

The Big & Betsy Farm

At this charming old farm, you can see animals like goats, chickens and more.

Big’s Garden

The youngest guests at Plopsaland De Panne can have fun on this playground. Meanwhile, the adults can keep an eye on the kids while relaxing on the terrace of the Big & Betsy Farm.

The Bucket

There’s a giant bucket in Plop’s Garden that’s covered with holes. And that makes this attraction a surefire way to get wet!

Bumba’s Playground

Small children can have fun climbing, crawling and turning around at this kids’ playground.

The Bumper Cars

Kids (between 1,00 m and 1,40 m tall) can control these bumper cars all by themselves.

The Chute

This fun ride inside Mayaland (the covered area of the park) is one of the longest chutes in the country.

The Climbing Tree

Climb, crawl, and get through obstacles to reach the top of this tree – then slide back down through the tunnel chute! The fun attraction is located in the covered area of Plopsaland De Panne, Mayaland Indoor.

The Dancing Fountains

Need to cool off? Try to avoid the water – or give in and get soaked! – at these surprising fountains of water on the Village Square.

The Ducks

Take a ride with your family on the back of a duck through Plop’s Garden.

The Falling Tower

On this green and yellow mini drop tower, you’ll sit on a petal and rise up, high enough to get some views of Mayaland Indoor. Don’t get too comfortable, though – very soon you’ll be falling back down again!

The Fire Brigade

Young guests can become firefighters as they use fire hoses on a burning hotel! Please note that the fire is not real (though the water guests squirt is!).

The Flowery Merry-go-Round

This is no ordinary merry-go-round! Guests ride in oversized flowers and get to encounter elements from the world of Maya the Bee. See if you can avoid getting wet from the spurts of water during the ride. And since this attraction is located in Mayaland Indoor (the covered area of the park), you can enjoy it no matter the weather.

The Flying Bikes

Try out this whimsical invention of Granddad Fink – flying bikes! Pedal harder to fly higher on this fun ride.

The Frogs

For this attraction, you’ll ride on the back of a large and adorable frog.

Mega Mindy Jet-ski

Want to help a superhero fight crime? Jump onto one of these special Mega Mindy jet skis and help her chase crooks!

The Merry-Go-Round

This beautiful, nostalgic merry-go-round is wonderful for family fun. Ride a horse, chariot, cart, or even an ostrich!

The Pedal Boats

You and your family or friends can travel around the large pond in your own boat.

The Pirate Ship

Guests go up and down, and back and forth, while riding this Crooked Barge with Pirate Pete.

The Pirates’ Playground

This is a fun playground for children. It’s conveniently located next to the Pirates’ Grill restaurant. Adults seated on the terrace can finish their meal at a leisurely pace while watching their young pirates at play.

Plop’s Garden

Kids can imagine they’re gnomes in the woods in this fun play area.

Plop’s Woods

Take a boat ride through a forest full of gnomes.

Plopsa Express

Want to get around the park? This fun ride stops at four different locations (Central Station/Village Square, the Castle Square, Kaatje, and Wickieland). You can also take a full ride and enjoy views of nature, animals, and, of course, other rides.

The Rabbits

Hop along on the back of a cute rabbit, just as if you were a real gnome!

The Raft

To reach the other side of the pond on this raft, you’ll need to pull yourself along a rope.


Young guests with heights between 0,85 m and 1,40 m can take an adventurous ride into the jungle on a child-sized jeep (complete with a fun animal print exterior!).

The Spider’s Web

Kids can climb and explore on this attraction, located in Mayaland Indoor.

The Suspension Bridge

Travel across a swinging suspension bridge and slide down a mysterious tunnel. And watch out for the SuperSplash – you may get wet!

Tik Tak

Young kids who enjoy the children’s television program Tik Tak will also enjoy this colourful water ride! This is a whimsical, family friendly attraction.

The Tractors

Take a ride through the courtyard of the Big & Betsy Farm in a kid-friendly tractor!

The Water Lilies

Float around on a giant, lovely water lily! This ride is located in the covered part of the park, Mayaland Indoor.

Wickie The Battle

Being a Viking isn’t easy – can you handle being attacked? (And by attacked, we mean you may get quite wet, thanks to other guests, er, vikings shooting water at you.)


This charming swing ride is fun, but it can also be practical – it’s a great way to dry wet clothes!

Willy’s Playground

Maya’s friend Willy invites young guests to slide, climb and explore his fun garden.

Additional Rides

Other attractions that are great for children and families include:

  • The Swinging Tree
  • The Traffic Park

Plopsaland Shows and Events

In addition to rides, you may be able to catch a show, take part in a special event, or meet some of your favorite characters. (Please note that availability depends on the date of your visit.) Let’s take a look at some of those fun attractions.

Dino Walk

This is when Park Rangers take a walk through the park with the dinosaurs.


This fireworks show is accompanied by music.

Halloween Scare Nights

The thrilling haunted houses and scare zones are included in your park ticket! Please note, though, that the haunted houses only allow guests over 14 years old.

Late Night

There’s something special about being in a theme park after the normal closing hours. During Late Nights, the park is open until 10:30 pm.

Light Festival

At night during this festival, you can see thousands of twinkling lights, as well as beautifully lit sculptures of beloved Plopsa heroes.


This winter show contains music, lights, video mapping, and special effects.

New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve celebration is a special ticketed event (so it is not included in a regular ticket or a season ticket). You’ll get access to most rides plus the ice rink. There’s a performance by Samson & Marie. Enjoy DJ sets by Viktor Verhulst & Kobe Ilsen. And, of course, you can’t ring in the New Year without fireworks!

PAW Patrol Mini Show

Ryder has a special mission for the puppies from PAW Patrol – and they need your help! This show is in Dutch and French.

Pete Pirate Halloween Show

Stien has brought a mummy back to life. Can the guests in the theatre help Pete and Stien find the spell that will send the mummy back into his sarcophagus? Please note that the show is in Dutch only.

Plopsa Parade

During this colourful parade, you can take photos of and wave to your favorite Studio 100 characters at the park.

Samson & Marie Summer Show

Are you a fan of the television series Samson & Marie? Then you won’t want to miss this excellent show, with lots of jokes, songs, and dances. This show is in Dutch only.

Smurfs’ Weekend

During this event, you’ll have a chance to meet Big Smurf and Smurfette, straight from the Smurf village!

Visit Saint Nicholas

This seasonal meet and greet is an opportunity to visit and have photos with Saint Nicholas and Black Pete.

Winter Magic

There’s so much to see and do at this festive Christmas event. Take in the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and holiday lights. Or warm up by the campfires or take a spin on the free ice skating rink.

Meet & Greets

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet and pose with several characters:

  • Bumba & Bumbina
  • Heidi and Peter
  • Jefke and DDT
  • Maya the Bee
  • Maya & Willy
  • Mega Mindy & Mega Toby
  • Pete the Pirate and Berty Porridge
  • Plop & Blabbermouth
  • Vic and Halvar

Plopsaland de Panne Promo Code

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More Travel Planning Help

Will you be travelling to De Panne to visit Plopsaland?

If you’re looking for fun things to do in the area, consider a visit to Plopsaqua De Panne. This is a family friendly water park themed to Vic the Viking. Click here to learn more, including how to save money at the waterpark.

And if you’re wondering where to stay, Plopsa Hotel is a fantastic option. There are a lot of great rooms themed to Studio 100 heroes and series (like Maya the Bee, Vic the Viking, Bumba, Nachtwacht, and more). There’s also a theatre room, where you feel as if you’re on stage in a beautiful theatre.

Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll get direct access from the hotel to both Plopsaland De Panne and Plopsaqua De Panne. This makes it a very convenient place to stay!