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Cool off from the Houston heat this summer in nearby Galveston Island by visiting Schlitterbahn waterpark!  They have attractions for everyone, from kids play areas to relaxing water rides to thrill rides.

I want to tell you about these great waterpark attractions.  And then I’ll tell you how to save money on your ticket to Schlitterbahn with a great coupon!


Dragon Blaster

This attraction consists of two different slides, but they are not just any slides.  Schlitterbahn uses the patented “Master Blaster” technology so you can ride uphill with jets of water.  You’ll also drop twenty feet and then race though a series of twists and turns.  Really, it’s more like a roller coaster than a water slide!

MASSIV Monster Blaster

MASSIV Monster Blaster is an 81-foot, 6 3/4-inch high record-breaking water coaster with a unique triple-drop ending in a pool.

Infinity Racers

Infinity Racers are side-by-side space-themed slides that are eight stories tall and as long as two space stations.  Both slides are almost fully enclosed and have multi-colored fiberglass which creates unique lighting effects inside both slides.  It is a one-of-a-kind water slide experience where you’ll race head-first on mats.


ROHR! is not for the faint of heart.  It is a vertical plunge from the top of a 70-foot tall tower.  You then travel more than 30 miles per hour down a 244-foot-long body slide.  So, yeah.  Not for scaredy cats.

Thunder Tub

Thunder Tub is a three-person raft ride where you spin down three consecutive dips that culminate in a huge splash.

Guada Loopy

Guada Loopy is a tube ride where you go from 40 feet in the air to a 390-foot ride in the dark on two twisting enclosed slides.

Faust und Furious

Race your friends on this attraction on two 300-foot speed slides that are located right beside each other.

Bahnzai Pipeline

This attraction consists of three side-by-side body slides and it is great for all ages.

Loopy Luge

This tube slide attraction consists of two slides in the dark and features a 390-foot trip to the splash pool.

Screaming Serpents

Fog and light effects make the ride a totally immersive experience.  You get to slide through the bellies of two giant sea serpents and exit through the 8-foot-tall fanged mouths of the snakes.


Wolfpack is a family-friendly, three-person raft ride on a fast-flowing giant tube chute.

Whitewater River

Ride up the Aquaveyer so you can start an exciting river tubing adventure through rapids and white water.  Whitewater River connects to Kristal River and Torrent River so it is part of the park’s Transportainment River System, so you can float throughout the entire park without ever leaving the water.

Boogie Bahn

Boogie Bahn is appropriately located in the Surfenburg section.  So grab a bodyboard and get prepared to surf ocean-like waves!

Shipwreck Harbor

Speaking of feeling like you’re at the ocean, Shipwreck Harbor Wave Lagoon has three-foot ocean-like waves.  And Shipwreck Harbor has a beached ship slide and a clamshell slide kids will enjoy.

Wave Lagoon

You can come to Wave Lagoon to enjoy splashing around in mild family-sized waves.  Or you can enter to begin your journey on Schlitterbahn’s Transportainment River System, which takes you around the whole park.

Blastenhoff Heated Pool and Infinity Swim-Up Bar

All these attractions are a lot of fun, but sometimes you just want to kick back and relax.  One way to do that is at the Blastenhoff Heated Pool and Infinity Swim-Up Bar.  You can just soak in the cool water.  Or you could grab a beer, seltzer, soda, water, wine, energy drink or a frozen drink like the Bahn-a-Rita.

Wasserfest Heated Pool & Swim-Up Bar

Here’s another great relaxation for the over-21 crowd (and by the way, you’ll need an ID if you biy a drink).  It’s a 1,100-square-foot heated pool with a bar serving Signature Frozen Drinks like the Bahn-A-Rita, Mangonada, and Americana Colada.  They also serve beer, wine, and hard seltzer.  And if you would like a non-alcoholic option, they have soda, Powerade, and bottled water.

Kristal Bay & Kristal Beach

Here’s another place you can relax in the park.  It’s a zero-entry beach in the Surfenburg Section.

Kristal Cove

Kristal Cove is the quiet beach along the Kristal River.

Torrent Beach

Torrent Beach is a wave action, zero entry beach in the Wasserfest Section of Schlitterbahn.  You can have fun splashing in the waves or relaxing beachside.

Torrent River

Take a fun ride on a tube around the entire Wasserfest area. This river connects to Whitewater River and Kristal River and is part of Schlitterbahn’s Transportainment River System – so you’ll be able to float throughout the entire park without ever leaving the water.

Torrent Beach Kids Area

Torrent Beach also has two areas specifically for kids (we’re talking under 48″ tall).  These areas include three slides and a waterdrop shower.

Tiki Tikes

Tiki Tikes, as the name might imply, is another great place to visit if you have young children (again, we’re talking under 48″ tall).  It is a great children’s play area with water sprays, a couple of kid-sized slides, and a waterdrop shower.  It all takes place in a shallow pool.  And it has relaxing lounge chairs around it so you can relax while watching your child play in a safe environment.

Treasure Island Kids Pool

Here’s something else for the under 48″ crowd.  It’s a ship full of slides, interactive water features, and a shallow pool.

Wasserfest Kids Area

No one could ever accuse Schlitterbahn of not having enough for guests under 48″!  Here’s another toddler’s play area.  It’s got a huge activity pool with slides, a beached boat, spray jets, and waterdrop showers.

Whitewater Beach

Another relaxing area where you can enjoy waves from Whitewater River or lounging along the shoreline.  You can even rent a Luxury Lounger for an additional fee.

Whitewater Cove

Whitewater Cove is a refreshing, zero-entry beach in the Blastenhoff Section.


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