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Looking to escape the Texas heat this summer?  Then it’s time to head to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, Texas!  With its central Texas location about an hour in between San Antonio and Austin, it is convenient for so many families living in or visiting the area this summer.

And if you are visiting this summer, then consider staying onsite at The Resort at Schlitterbahn.  This is a great hotel for families near the waterpark of course but it is also near kayaking, rafting, and hiking/biking trails.  Families staying here even get in an hour early to the Blastenhoff section of the park and can ride Master Blaster, Wolf Pack, Black Night or go to the Bamboozle Bay Pool (more about these attractions later).  You can find a great rate for the hotel here.

And Schlitterbahn won’t disappoint as a travel destination.  First of all, it is in a very pretty location.  It is located along the Comal River so it uses the natural beauty of the area as the backdrop.  And it doesn’t disappoint in things to do, as there are over fifty attractions.  I want to tell you about some of these attractions.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on your ticket!


Blastenhoff Section

So let’s start with talking about attractions in the aforementioned Blastenhoff section!

Let’s start with the six-story-tall Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster, which has been selected as the best water ride in the nation multiple times.  It’s over 1,000 feet in length and it combines the non-stop action and thrills of a roller coaster with a water ride.

Black Knight is a two-person tube ride where you’ll ride down one of a pair of totally enclosed water slides in total darkness.

Wolfpack Raft Slide is a downhill family raft ride that starts at the top of Blastenhoff Tower and then twists, turns, and splashes down five stories.

Han’s Hideout is a multi-level, five-story-tall water kid’s water funhouse with dumping buckets, water cannons, slides, tunnels, net crawls, and more.  Or kids can head to Kinderhaven, where there’s a wading pool for kids with soft slides and a little pirate ship.

Bamboozle Bay Pool is a great pool you can relax.  It’s also where you can purchase a  refreshing drink such a red or white wine, hard seltzer, beer, fruity frozen drink, soda, water, or energy drink.

Prefer relaxing at the beach than at the pool?  Then head over to Blastenhoff Beach where you can relax in the sand, splash around in the water, or relax on a folding chair in front of the beach.

And you can travel through the entire Blastenhoff section on the endless river ride, Torrent River.

Surfenburg Section

The attractions in this section have, as you would gather from the name, a surfing feel to them.

And you’ll feel like you are surfing yourself when you grab a bodyboard and head to the endless mountain of moving water at the Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride.

Back Splash uses the current flowing into the Kristal River to give you a splashy body slide.

Dragon’s Revenge is a first-generation uphill water coaster.

Kids will love the miniature-size slides at Butterfly Bayou or the pirate ship, yellow submarine, water cannons, and octopus in the kids’ play area, Kiddie Coast.

If you like the show Wipeout, then you’ll love the challenges at Hang Ten Harbor Activity Pool.

And you can always relax at the heated pool and swim-up bar at Boogie Bay Heated Pool or Dragon’s Lair Heated Pool.  Or you can relax at Kristal Cove, which is a family activity pool located right next to the Kristal River, one of the three  “endless” rivers at the waterpark that form a continuous loop so you can just keep swimming or floating on a tube or inflatable alligator throughout the park.

Tubenbach Section

In the Tubenbach section, you’ll find lots of great tube rides.

AquaVeyer is a neat attraction conveyor belt lift hill that will actually take you and your tube back to the beginning of the ride so you get sort of an endless ride experience.

You can also experience a “never-ending water ride” with Deluge, a tube ride on a serpentine river that connects to The Falls.

Kids will enjoy trying to slay the dragon at the play area, Sea Creature Cove.

You can relax at the crystal clear River Bend Heated Pool which overlooks the gorgeous Comal River or play around with your kids in the River Bend Pool.

Oh, and did I mention that Tubenbach also is home to the world’s longest waterpark ride?  The 3,600-foot-long whitewater river ride, called the Falls, gets you a fun-filled tour of the eastern part of the park.  You’ll go past the Riverbend Resort Rooms, the Treehaus Luxury Suites, the Comal River, the Deluge, and the Aquaveyor.

Orginial Schlitterbahn/Schlitterbahn West

Here is where you find, well, an original Schlitterbahn ride, the Double Loop Body Slides.  This classic ride is still quite popular with guests.  The attraction has twin-body flumes that twist around treetops before you splash into a pool beside the Comal River.

You can also travel from one end of the original section of Schlitterbahn to the other on the Raging River Tube Chute.  It is the original long-form tube chute ride and it is a unique Schlitterbahn New Braunfels experience where you’ll feel like you’re in a real river tube.

Bahnzai Pipeline is a tube ride down one of two four-story-high tunnel slides.

You can race your friends or family on a body slide at the Der Bahn Speed Slides.

Or race your friends on a mat race slide at Downhill Racer.

The White Water Tube Shute includes a series of short drops before taking a plunge down the side of a cliff.

You’ll wind through The Original Schlitterbahn hills & trees on Cliffhanger Tube Chute before one final dramatic drop down to the edge of the Comal River.

And if after all these rides you want a little relaxation, head to their lazy river attraction, Congo River Expedition.  Of course, this river is in the heart of the rainforest on an ancient river near wild animals, thundering waterfalls, and an underground mine, so while it might be relaxing, it definitely won’t be boring!

And speaking of relaxation, you can always relax at the Lagoon Activity Pool which is full of waterfalls, in-water volleyball, and space to float on a tube.

Or try the heated pool and swim-up bar at Wunder Heated Pool and Lagoon Heated Pool!  And speaking of the Lagoon Pool, you can slide down a twisting body slide into the Lagoon Pool at Soda Straw Body Slide.

Kids kids can relax, splash around, and slide down miniature slides at Lagoon Kids’ Area.  Or kids can play at Polywog Pond Kid Park, which has swinging suspension bridges, padded slides, and spraying mushrooms.  Or they can play at Schatze’s Central Park, the kid’s play area named after Schlitterbahn’s mascot, or Tadpoool Kiddie Pool, which has animal-themed kid slides.

The whole family can have fun together at the Beach Wave Pool.  It’s a wave pool with a Shipwreck Slide at the shallow part of the pool.


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