Enjoy burgers, fries, & cake at Altitude Burger a quick service restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando theme park

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My family and I love to visit theme parks (especially in Orlando, Florida!) and we know theme park food can be hit or miss.  Whenever a new restaurant opens in a theme park, we love to try it.  We always hope we can add it to our list of restaurants we like to eat at the next time we visit the theme park.

So my family just visited SeaWorld Orlando for the first time in a year (because, you know, 2020).  We were thrilled to find out about a new restaurant, Altitude Burger.

Altitude Burger Review

Altitude Burgers Seaworld Orlando Restaurant

We tried it and wanted to let you know what we think.  Altitude Burger is located where Mango Joe’s used to be.  It’s near the Orca Encounter Stadium and the Wild Arctic exhibit.  It’s also right by SeaWorld’s newest roller coaster, the Ice Breaker (it is coming this fall!).  This is a great location, too.  It would be great to go there before or after an Orca Presentation.  But you should probably aware others may have that idea, too, so it could get crowded.

How to Order Food

You walk in and get in line.

A picture of the desserts you can buy at SeaWorld Orlando theme park's newest restaurant, Altitude Burger

First, you can pick out a dessert.  We got the chocolate cake. Then, you can pick out your side.  Then you choose your main entree.

Despite being called Altitude Burger, they have pizza.  You can get a BBQ Chicken pizza, which has Mozzarella, Red Onion, Cilantro, and BBQ Sauce.  Or you can Or you can get a Truffle Veggie pizza with Diced Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Spinach, Mozzarella, and Truffle Oil Drizzle.  This is good if you are Vegan and don’t want to eat meat.  But with the restaurant called “Altitude Burger”, I came in wanting a burger and that’s what I got.

So if you don’t get a pizza, you can grab a burger or a chicken sandwich.  You can pick up one that has already been made.  Or you can customize it.  I am the one person in my family who does not like pickles.  The burgers that were out there all had pickles, but I asked the SeaWorld employee to get me one without pickles and she happily did, which was great.  All the employees were really nice here, by the way.  When I realized I had forgotten to get a drink for my dad and asked for one more coke, they let me go back and get one, no problem.

Because – sorry I did not issue a spoiler warning – after you get your main meal, you can get a drink.  If you get a refillable mug (which I did earlier in the day) you can get yours refilled here.

Then you pay.  Or your meal could be taken care of via the All Day Dining Plan.  More on that later.  But you are done getting your meal.  Here is my tray with my meal and my father’s meal.

Enjoy burgers, fries, & cake at Altitude Burger a quick service restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando theme park

Altitude Burger Seating

So after that, we could pick a seat. They had outdoor seating, but it was covered.  Normally, I look for indoor seating establishments because I get really hot.  But we made an exception here.  Not only because we wanted to try this place out, which we did.  Or because outdoor seating is actually safer right now, which it is.  But they had covered outdoor seating with fans going.  It was a hot day but we were very comfortable in our seats.

Altitude Burger Food Review

So, onto the food.  It was mostly positive.  Most of us had burgers, and they were really good.

A picture of the bacon cheeseburger you can buy at Altitude Burger a new restaurant in SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, FL

And I can get picky about my burgers, but I really liked mine.  The one thing I did not like about my burger though, unfortunately, was the bun.  It was a bit hard.  But otherwise, it was a good burger.  I had bacon on mine and that was good, too.  For those in my family who ate their burgers with pickles, I understand the pickles were delicious (but I’m still not eating pickles, I am weird that way).

My mom had the chicken sandwich, the lone defector from eating a burger.

You can get a chicken sandwich or a burger at Altitude Burger in Orlando, Florida at SeaWorld

She said it was not tough at all.  In fact, it was tender and flavorful.  Unfortunately, her top bun was hard too, but she just took it off.  Then eating it was fine.

A nice thing that makes it easier for your meals (and sides) is how easy it is to use their condiments.  They were surprisingly easy to open, which is not always the case with ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.

So, onto the sides.  Our family got onion rings and waffle fries.

We review the onion rings and other menu items at SeaWorld Orlando's newest restaurant, Altitude Burger

SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida has a new restaurant: Altitude Burger. You can get waffle fries & other food there.

When I picked up the food in line, my sides were warm.  But unfortunately, by the time I got to my seat, they had gotten cold.  Both the waffle fries and onion rings were cold.  The waffle fries were still very delicious (SeaWorld seriously does a great job with their waffle fries. They taste a lot like my favorite waffle fries, which is at Chick-fil-A).

But I can’t say enough good things about my dessert!  The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious.

A picture of the chocolate cake you can get at Altitude Burger. You can get a dessert in your All Day Dining Pass at SeaWorld Orlando.

I really love the desserts they serve at SeaWorld.  I am always happy when I order a dessert here.

The drinks were really good here.  I love my Coke, and they pour a great Coke.  Not watered down at all.  I really love a good Coke, especially on a hot day.

How to Save Money Dining at Altitude Burger

This is a really great restaurant choice with the All Day Dining Plan.  You save a lot of money by choosing the All Day Dining Plan with this restaurant.

The All Day Dining Plan is something you can purchase before you go to SeaWorld.  You can click here to go ahead and buy it.  You can also include it in your ticket by buying it here.  If you buy it along with your ticket you just add $30 to your ticket.  If you add it to a two-park ticket, you can dine for as little as $25/day.

In turn, the All Day Dining gets you one entree, one side, or one dessert & one regular-sized non-alcoholic beverage each time you go through a participating restaurant once per hour until 30 minutes before the restaurant’s closing time.  So if I was using it for Altitude Burger, I would have used it for a dessert & my entree.  Meals can really add up, so you save a lot of money by buying one of these tickets.  So I highly recommend it!

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