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Splish Splash Water Park

Cool off in 96 acres of family-friendly water park fun by getting a ticket to Splish Splash waterpark.  Splish Splash is a great family water park in Long Island.  This Calverton, New York water park has enough attractions to entertain all ages.


Surf City

When I enter a water park, I love to look for a wave pool!  And Surf City definitely fits that bill.  You can splash around in surging waves in this classic attraction.

Kahuna Bay Wavepool

Splish Splash a new wavepool, too!  It has great four-foot waves.

Lazy River

My other favorite part of a water park is a lazy river.  And Splish Splash has a beautiful lazy river with spraying fountains that help cool you off.

Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror

Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror is a special ride because there are only three of its kind in all of the United States.  And this ride has it all.  A breathtaking 40-foot drop?  Yup, it’s got it!  Back-to-back vertical banks?  Check!  A pair of fast 360-degree spins?  You betcha.  Oh…and did I mention this was all done in total darkness?  Because I kind of think I should mention that!

Bootleggers Run

Bootleggers Run is a great ride that takes advantage of advanced technology.  You climb aboard a 4-person raft and then you actually go uphill.  You’ll feel like you’re going on a roller coaster without rails.  And this is all because of the new generation hydromagnetic technology!

Alien Invasion

Climb aboard a raft with three friends on Alien Invasion.  You’ll rapidly descent down the water slide, experience an out-of-control spin, and then you’ll disappear like an alien abduction!

Bombs Away

Looking for something a bit more thrilling than a lazy river?  Then you should definitely check out Bombs Away!  Bombs Away features two 300-foot slides that are on top of a 50-feet high tower.  These slides have an AquaLaunch capsule that will send you free-falling at 26 feet per second.

Cliff Diver

Cliff Diver is definitely a ride a thrill-seeker would like.  And why is that?  Well, I don’t know, maybe because you drop 8-stories in 3-seconds?  Yeah, you heard me right!

Riptide Racer

Race your friends and family on this mat slide ride.  There are four different slides so you can race three people for the title of “Ultimate Riptide Racer”.

Shotgun Falls

Shotgun Falls is a free-falling drop slide.  It features a five-foot fall into a pool that’s ten feet deep.

Barrier Reef

You will plummet and twist through the darkness in this fast water ride.  After all, you’ll want to avoid the shark attack, right?

Dragon’s Den

This is a really great, thrilling raft ride.  First, you are catapulted into darkness.  You’ll end up in a mist-shrouded abyss of a dragon.  And then you disappear again!

Giant Twister

Giant Twister consists of three body slides that are side-by-side.  The slides weave through trees and at the end of the ride, you’ll splash right into a pool!

Max Trax

Thrill lovers will love Max Trax, which consists of 2 speedy slides.  It’s a straight-down drop of 50 feet.

Mammoth River

Mammoth River is a great raft ride you can enjoy with your whole family.  It’s a long and twisted river adventure that is a lot of fun!

Hollywood Stunt Rider

Hollywood Stunt Rider is an action-packed, completely dark family raft ride.  Like Hollywood special effects, this ride is truly spectacular!


Guests twist and turn down enclosed slides on Abyss.

Monsoon Lagoon

Monsoon Lagoon is a great water play area for all ages.  It is an interactive shipwreck with water cannons, slides, and climbing ropes.

Pirates Cove

Another fun interactive play area is Pirates Cove.  This pirate ship also has water cannons, slides, and climbing ropes.

The Battle of Mutiny Bay

The Battle of Mutiny Bay is another fun interactive water attraction.  Up to 4 people can enter brightly colored boats.  You can then use water-spray “cannons” to blast other boats.  And not just boats, too – you can spray spectators as well!

Octopus Pool

Octopus Pool is a really cool, unique ride.  You get to swing off of a tentacle of a giant octopus (which is obviously fake, thank goodness).  You’re in a pool the whole time, too.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is a fun wading pool with a yellow submarine in it.  You’ll be able to stay cool in the submarine because of the falling spray of water.  You can also slide down the back of the yellow submarine.

Dinosaur Falls

Dinosaur Falls is a fast tube slide that you can ride or with a friend in a double inner tube.

Soak City

Soak City is a relaxing pool.  It features water fountains and in-water seats.

Parrots of the Caribbean!

World-renowned Texas parrot trainer Weldon Middlebrooks and his talented parrots will wow you with their amazing performance.

Dining & Drinks

Now, when you go to a water park, you don’t always expect a lot of good dining and drink options.  But this is not the case with Splish Splash.


RiverView is located near the main plaza right next to Dinosaur Falls.  Why you’re going to want to know this location is because RiverView is where you go to grab a drink!  RiverView offers drinks from hosting breweries:

  • Kona
  • Big Wave
  • Long Ireland: Beach Please
  • Goose Island IPA
  • Point Summer Ale
  • The IPA
  • Blue Point: Toasted Lager

And get red & white wines from:

  • Saturday Session: Rose
  • Cranberry & Grapefruit
  • Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is one of my family’s favorite restaurants, so I think it’s really great Splish Splash has one in the park.  At this nostalgic favorite, you can get classic burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, cheese fries and American fries.  They also serve Soda Pop and original Johnny Rockets shakes (in Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry), and those are great on a hot day!


Pink’s has been a Hollywood favorite since 1939 and was voted America’s #1 Hot Dog Stand.  So needless to say, they serve great hot dogs here!

Kowabunga Kitchen

Kowabunga Kitchen is that great restaurant with the shark sticking out of the front of the building!  Here, you can get popcorn shrimp, Fried Chicken, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and Homestyle fries.

Snack Shack

Eat at a giant deck that overlooks the Lazy River.  The Snack Shack has a large menu a lot of family-friendly dining options.  You can get Monster Burgers, Monster Grilled Chicken sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Fried Chicken, Salads, Wraps, desserts, etc.  There are even organic and gluten-free items on the menu.

Tony’s Italian Feast

Right next to the Kahuna Bay Wave Pool is Tony’s Italian Feast.  They serve regular & pepperoni pizza.  You can order just a slice or a whole pizza (this is a good way to save money if your entire family eats pizza, by the way).  But they have more than just pizza.  You can also get salads, wings, squeaky cheese bites and more.

Surfside Snacks

In the mood for a snack?  Then head to between Cliff Diver and The Abyss where you’ll find Surfside Snacks.  You can get Churros, Popcorn, Soft & Braided Pretzels, Cookies, Cotton Candy, Chips, and Good Humor Ice Cream here.

Funky Pirate

Another great place to go for treats or a snack is the Funky Pirate.  If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can buy Breyers Ice Cream, homemade fudge, Dippin Dots, and candy.  If you’re in the mood for something salty, you can get pretzels, popcorn or roasted nuts.  You can also get freshly brewed coffee here.  And they have fountain beverages – and if you get a souvenir mug, you can refill your mug here!

Last Chance Grill

Last Chance Grill also offers some great foods.  We’re talking Chicken Wings, Monster Turkey Leg, Chicken Fries, Tater Tots, etc.

Potato Patch

Enjoy Homestyle French fries at the Potato Patch.  You can also get chicken strips here along with your favorite sauces to dip your tenders in.

Sweet Landings

As the name might imply, Sweet Landings is the go-to spot for sweets and desserts!  This is great for anyone who loves sweets!

Plaza Ice Cream

And if you do love sweets, then you’ll love Plaza Ice Cream!  You’ll find Plaza Ice Cream in the main plaza of Splish Splash.  Here, you can get a soft-serve dish, cone or Sundae.  There are a variety of toppings and sprinkles available, too.  Plaza Ice Cream also offers an Edible Cookie Dough Dish.  But perhaps the most exciting this offered here is the new item: Splish Splash’s new Fizz Cup Floats!

Kiosks & Stands

In addition to these dining establishments, you can also find kiosks & stands throughout the park.  You’ll be able to get lots of great items like:

  • Good Humor ice cream
  • Funnel Cakes
  • Churros
  • Dippin’ Dots
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pretzels
  • Soft-serve & hard scoop ice cream Sundaes


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