A picture of Liège Waffle Berries and Cream which you can order at the Belgium marketplace at Universal Orlando Resort's Mardi Gras event

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Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras event is my favorite Universal Orlando event.  My favorite part is the parade, which was great this year:

But the parade isn’t the only reason to attend.  They also have some great foods and drinks available all over the Universal Orlando Resort.  It is a way to taste foods and drinks from Carnaval celebrations from around the world.  They’ve had a great selection every year I’ve attended, but I think 2023 may be the best.

One of those reasons is the Belgium booth.  You can find the Belgium booth near the Men In Black ride at Universal Studios theme park.  It is a standalone booth where you can order your food from a window.

A picture of the Belgium booth near Men in Black ride at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando which you can find during the Mardi Gras event

By the way, there’s not a lot of seating near there.  There are a few booths in a beer garden style.  You can eat standing up or find a nearby bench.  Or you can do what we did and walk a little bit and take it over to Richter’s Burger Co. and eat it over there.

Belgium Menu

So what is available at the Belgium marketplace?  Well, my family and I were very pleased with the menu

A list of the menu items at Belgium food and drink window at the Universal Orlando Mardi Gras event


  • Liège Waffle Berries & Cream
    • Pearled sugar waffle topped with whipped topping, strawberries, and strawberry & cream crumbs
  • Liège Waffle S’mores
    • Pearled sugar chocolate chip waffle topped with chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, & graham cracker crumbs
  • Brussels Frites
    • crispy fries that are seasoned and served with Joppiesaus & Andalouse sauces


  • Orval Trappist
    • Has complex malt flavor along with prominent fruitiness & an earthy herbal, peppery bitterness
  • Rochefort Trappist
    • Has strong notes of plum, raisin & black currant

Belgium Menu Review

So what did we think of the food?

My favorite would have to be the Liège Waffle Berries & Cream.

A picture of Liège Waffle Berries and Cream which you can order at the Belgium marketplace at Universal Orlando Resort's Mardi Gras event

I love waffles with strawberries.  I think this was the best though that I’ve ever had.  All the flavors blended perfectly together.  The cream crumbs were particularly special and made it even better than just waffles you would order with strawberries.

In fact, I was staying at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort during my trip.  I was planning on trying the Belgian waffles with strawberries.  But after I had Liège Waffle Berries & Cream I decided against ordering the Belgian waffles, because I knew nothing would compare to what I had just eaten!

But these aren’t the only great waffles you can get here.  The Liège Waffle S’mores was also incredible.

A picture of the Liège Waffle S'mores, which you can order at the Belgium kiosk at Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras event

This was also really good.  The flavors all blended really well together, too.  It was also very soft to eat which I like.

But waffles aren’t the only thing you can get here.  If you are like me and you also love French Fries, you can get that here as well with great dipping sauces.

A picture of Brussels Frites which you can order at the Belgium food booth at Universal Studios Florida during their Mardi Gras celebration

The French Fries themselves were nothing to write home about.  I don’t think I would enjoy them if I had just ordered them plain.

But of course, that’s not what you’re getting here.  The idea is to spice them up literally with the dipping sauces.  Both dipping sauces were good, too, especially Joppiesaus.  That was our favorite.  We were not familiar before with these dipping sauces but we liked both.


The Belgium food and drink kiosk was one of our favorites at Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras event.  We definitely recommend trying the food here if you are at Universal Studios Florida theme park.

Please note you will need tickets to attend this event, which you can purchase at a discounted price here.

You can also learn more about Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras event here.