Discount ticket to Tricks & Treats at Valleyfair theme park in Twin Cities Minnestoa

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Looking for a fun Halloween celebration in the Twin Cities area?  Well, you can go to a great event that is fun for your whole family at a very familiar place.  That place is Valleyfair theme park in Shakopee, Minnesota!

Last year, Valleyfair debuted a bran new Halloween event called Tricks and Treats.  And this year it is back and better than ever!  It takes place on select dates on Saturdays and Sundays from September 23, 2023, through October 29, 2023.

Valleyfair is transformed into a Halloween wonderland, complete with two different lands.  You can find delicious fall foods and drinks there as well as fun activities and entertainment.  I’ll tell you about each land and all the activities and entertainment you can find there.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on tickets!

The Land of Treats

The Land of Treats has the happy, sweeter feel of a classic fall festival.

There are two different sections of the Lands of Treats: Sweet Tooth Acres and Everfall.

Sweet Tooth Acres


Trick or Treat Trail

This event is called Tricks and Treats.  So is it any surprise that this festival has trick-or-treating?  This is a fun, safe way for children ages twelve years old and younger to trick-or-treat at eight different doors throughout the land.


The Candy Horns

When you are in Sweet Tooth Acres watch out for the Candy Horns, a roaming brass band.

The Fun-Sized Four

The Fun-Sized Four will also be bringing entertainment to Valleyfair this fall.



Gorgeous Gourds

Get your creative juices going at a pumpkin decorating station.

Wagon-Along Story Stroll

Take a self-operated family wagon ride on the Tale Trail.  Your wagon will wind through pumpkins and hay bales.

Kindness Rocks

It’s always great to share kindness with the world.  You can do that by writing a fall-themed encouraging message on a rock (which you can also color!).


The Great Craft Off

Guests from the audience are invited to try to recreate a whimsical fall treat on display.  “Celebrity” judges from the audiences will then pick the winners!

The Harvest Duet

Enjoy two talented musicians perform “sweater weather” songs that are perfect for this season.

Bonfire Tales

This is story-time with the younger guests with not-too-scary Halloween stories.

Forest Friends Marionettes

Watch a squirrel and tree perform vignettes in this charming marionette show.

Food & Drinks


  • From the Land (Roasted chicken pot pie with biscuit topping)

El Taco Mercado

  • Pumpkin Swirl (Pumpkin buns individually baked with spiced icing)
  • Sabor del Otoño/Taste of the Fall (Birria, which is a traditional Mexican fall dish made of slow-cooked beef, cheese, rice, avocado & pickled onions)
  • Spiced Cider (Apple cider infused with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger and simmered to perfection)
    • You can “bewitch” it with Fireball
  • Farmer’s Harvest (Local breaded squashes with tarragon & dill ranch)

The Land of Tricks

The Land of Tricks is the place where see all the scary, gross parts of Halloween like.

There are two different sections of the Land of Tricks: Spooky Spires and Ickyville.

Spooky Spires


Skeletons of Fun Midway Games

Kids and adults can enjoy the Tricks & Treats twist on traditional midway games.

Frame Worthy Frights

Frame Worthy Frights is a paint-by-numbers mural activity where guests can work together to create some spooky art.


The Spectral Sisters

Enjoy jazz arrangements of popular songs performed by a vintage trio act.

Disco Crypt Yard

Disco Crypt Yard is a silent disco.

Food & Drinks

Superior Bar

  • Fritters from the Black Lagoon (Seafood fritters with remoulade sauce)

Chicken Shack

  • Bride of Frank’s Ice Cream (Swirled black & white ice cream cone)
  • Black Magic Mist (Hibiscus & cranberry juice topped with a black vodka floater & a mixed berry-infused aroma bubble)
  • The Count’s Cooking (Spicy bean chili with cheddar cornbread)


  • Monster Theater (TV dinner with meatloaf, potatoes & corn served in a TV dinner tray)



Mask Monsters Mash

Want to make your own mask for your Halloween costume?  Then this is the place to come because they’ve got everything you need to make your own mask!


Do you remember in the Harry Potter movies and books when a character would get one of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans?  And the flavor could be great – or horrible and gross?

Well, that’s what it’s like at Beanboozled!  You spin a Wheel of Beans and then see what you get!


The Snots

The Snots is an all-zombie band that plays gross punk parodies of popular tunes.

The Gross Out Gaunlet

Contestants compete in absurd challenges in this quite disgusting game.

Food & Drinks

Superior Bar

  • Zombie Juice (Granny Smith apple syrup, pineapple juice, Minute Maid lemonade & vodka)
  • Blood Bag Empanada (Empanada stuffed with tomato sauce, sausage & cheese)
  • I Vant to Drink Your Blood (Minute Maid lemonade with strawberry
    • You can “bewitch” it with vodka
  • A Positive Blood Bag (Vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry & grenadine)

The Sweet Tooth

  • Pixie Potion (Minute Maid lemonade with blue raspberry and green apple that’s shimmering with edible glitter)
  • Worms in Dirt Funnel Cake (Chocolate funnel cake topped with raspberry preserve, cookies & cream frosting & gummy worms)
  • Purple People Eater Blood Bag (Desert pear syrup, cranberry & Minute Maid lemonade)
  • The Q-Tip (Marshmallow on a stick dipped in chocolate, then rolled in graham cracker, and finally drizzled with caramel)

Mama Chetta’s Pizzeria

  • Bandaged Fingers (Hot dogs wrapped in puff dough with barbecue sauce)

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