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Thinking about attending SCarowinds this year?  Well, then you are in for one frightening night!  SCarowinds has really outdone itself this year with a great event.  You can see for yourself in our virtual tour.  This should give you an idea of the feel of the event:

SCarowinds, in case you haven’t heard, is the popular Halloween event that takes place at Carowinds theme park.  Carowinds is located on the border of North Carolina & South Carolina, in the Charlotte area.  SCarowinds is famous for its frightening scare zones, mazes, creatures, shows, etc.  You can find out how to get discounted tickets here.


Scarowinds is a great Halloween event in Charlotte NC

Scare Zones

SCarowinds features scare zones where monsters & creatures can jump out & scare you

Scare Zones are the sections of the park where you encounter the creatures of SCarowinds.  Each scare zone has a different theme, and the monsters you encounter correlate to the theme:

Age of Darkness

Here you’ll encounter ghosts of a kingdom long forgotten.  You can find it at the Nighthawk Pathway.

Blood Yard

Here’s where you can come face to face with vampires!  Head to the Thrill Zone to find this scare zone.


Encounter deranged clowns leftover from a disbanded traveling circus.  You’ll find this scare zone at Crossroads.

Dead Man’s Landing

Here you will come face to face with pirates.  They’re looking for lost souls to add to their bloodless, cadaverous pirate crew.  This takes place at the County Fair section of Carowinds.

Fleet Street

At Fleet Street, you may come face to face with legendary London killers.  This means you might spot Jack the Ripper or that famous murdering barber.  You’ll find this towards the front of the park, at Celebration Plaza.

Grave Walkers

Here you’ll meet guests who got their wish of never having to leave Carowinds.  And by that I mean they’ll spend an eternity here.  It takes place at Carolina Boardwalk.

Outlaw’s Revenge

Look out for scoundrels & outlaws of the Wild West in this scare zone.  It takes place in Crossroads Gazebo.

The Hollow

Here is where pumpkins have turned into vengeful creatures.  This takes place at Carousel Park.


Urgent Scare is one of the terrifying scares at SCarowinds Halloween event in Charlotte, NC

SCarowinds also has a lot of great mazes this year.  They all have great themes – and are full of lots of scares!

Dark Harvest

Here you’ll encounter deranged scarecrows.  It’s located at Crossroads.

Depths of Darkness

Here you’ll head into darkness to encounter the infamous State Line Slasher.  It’s located near Harmony Hall at Celebration Plaza.

Silver Screen Studios: Condemned

This takes place at a former film studio where a deranged director actually killed the actors as part of his horror movies.  You can find this scare zone at the Thrill Zone.

Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut

Take a factory tour of the Red Ribbon Meat Company and find out what the special ingredient in their meat is.  Head to the Thrill Zone to find this maze.

Urgent Scare

Urgent Scare is looking for new volunteers for their medical studies.  It’s located at Nighthawk Midway.


SCarowinds has great scary shows with cirque-style acrobatics, dancing, musical performances & more

SCarowinds has a great mix of shows available to guests.  You’ll see everything from musical performances to cirque-style acrobatics to dance performance and more!

Here are the shows:

  • Blood Drums
  • Bone Brigade
  • Overlord’s Awakening
  • Overlord’s Revenge
  • Skeleton Crew


Enjoy rides at night during Scarowinds in Charlotte, like Zephy

A lot of rides at Carowinds are open during Scarowinds.  Riding these rides at night is really fun.  So that just adds to the great experience.  Here are the rides that are open:

  • Copperhead Strike
  • Fury 325
  • Hurler
  • Intimidator
  • Mountain Gliders
  • Nighthawk
  • Ricochet
  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3Z Arena
  • Drop Tower
  • Dodg’ems
  • Electro-Spin
  • Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
  • Carolina Goldrusher
  • Afterburn
  • Carolina Cyclone
  • Do-Si-Do
  • Rock ‘N’ Roller
  • Ripcord
  • Slingshot
  • Scrambler
  • Zephyr
  • Vortex
  • The Flying Cobras
  • Southern Star