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The Creepy Tales of Singapore Ghost & World War II Tour allows you to explore the creepy sites in Singapore with paranormal equipment.  You’ll also hear stories of the Japanese occupation of Singapore.  You’ll visit several creepy places including a cemetery.

You’ll meet your guide at Haw Par Villa MTR Station at 7:30 pm.  You’ll be transported in a comfortable, air conditioned vehicle.  

Your first stop will be Kent Ridge Park.  You’ll listen to a background story about World War II in Singapore.  Learn about how the Japanese invaded Malaya and the surrender of Singapore.  

Next you’ll take a short walk lit by candles along a path where there have been several sightings of apparitions.  Hear stories about these sightings.  You’ll pass by Bukit Chandu.  You’ll hear the horror story of a local war hero.

Your next stop will be at Labrador Nature Reserve.  Here you’ll see the very guns that were placed to stop the invasion of Japanese forces.  This coastal gun battery near the beach is the site of the Sook Ching Massacre.  The Japanese killed thousands of people.  How many thousands?  Estimates range from tens of thousands to fifty thousand to one hundred thousand people.  You’ll hear how the Japanese searched for spies and the gruesome stories of how they dealt with them. 

EMF Meter

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and an EMF meter will detect that.  When the EMF meter reacts it means it is detecting paranormal activity.  You’ll be in a place where hauntings have been reported and you’ll have the equipment to capture evidence of the haunting.  You’ll use the EMF meter to hunt for paranormal activity at the site of the massacre.

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Additional Tour Info

And, finally, you’ll visit the biggest Chinese ceremony outside of China with over 100,000 tombs.  You’ll hear interesting stories about the Chinese beliefs, prayer rituals and stories of some of the early Chinese migrants who are buried here.

You’ll get a good mix of historical facts and spooky stories.  This tour will be both educational and entertaining.


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