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Gardens By The Bay is a wonderful attraction in downtown Singapore.  It is one of the premier horticultural destinations of Asia.  Gardens By the Bay has the distinction of having plants from every continent except Antarctica.  All in all, there are 1.5 million plants there.  There is a good reason why Gardens By The Bay was a TripAdvisor 2021 Travelers Choice.

So Gardens By The Bay is fun to visit any time of the year.  But one reason why it is especially fun to visit now is because of their Sakura display!

Sakura Display

The Sakura, otherwise known as the cherry blossom, is the national flower of Japan.  It represents a time of renewal and optimism.

Gardens By The Bay is celebrating Sakura with a special display that runs from 4 Mar 2022 to 3 Apr 2022.

You can see this display in the Flower Dome.


This year’s 2022 Sakrua display will be different from Sakura displays in the past.  And that is because this year, it features tokidoki!

tokidoki is a lifestyle brand brand based on the vision of Italian artist Simone Legno.  Legno has had a lifelong love and appreciation for Japan.  His designs and cute characters have developed a cult-like following since its 2005 debut.

Speaking of the cute character, they will be at Gardens By The Bay!  Popular tokidoki characters SANDy and Donutella will be there.  As will the five magical Unicornos!


You’ll see Torii at the Sakura Display.  Torii refers to a traditional Japanese gate.  It is usually located at the entrance of Shinto shrines and it marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.


You will also see Hanami settings here.  Hanami means flower viewing.  It is believed that this flower viewing custom in Japan began during the Nara Period (710 to 794) with ume or plum blossoms.  However, this moved on to cherry blossoms by the Heian period (794 to 1185).

Since then, Hanami has always been synonymous with Sakura.  The Japanese continue the tradition today.  They gather with family, friends, and colleagues for parties under flowering trees along riversides or on the grounds of temples and shrines.  Hanami celebrations usually involve playing and listening to music.  It also involves eating special dishes like dango (a Japanese sweet), and bento.  Sake is a popular drink that is drunk during the celebration, too.


Marumado are circular featured in traditional Japanese architecture.  You’ll be able to gaze into each of the marumado at the tokidoki marquee in the centre field.  This is a great way to take in various gorgeous scenes of the floral display.


Wagasa are Japanese umbrellas that were first introduced to Japan from China at the beginning of the Heian period (from 794 to 1185).  They have been a popular fashion accessory in Japan for a really long time.  They’ve also been an essential element in Japanese tea ceremonies, kabuki (which a classical form of Japanese dance-drama), and other forms of traditional Japanese culture for centuries.  While you are at the tokidoki marquee, you’ll see lots of colourful wagasa hanging above you!


Koinobori means “carp streamer” in Japanese.  A display on Koinobori will be on display.  It is on loan from the Japanese Association, Singapore.


Ikebana is the traditional & ancient art of Japanese flower arrangement.  Japanese floral art provided by Ikebana International Singapore is on display here, too.

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