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Imagica Water Park

Imagica Water Park is a great Mykonos-themed water park, located around Lonavala, India near Mumbai & Pune.

This wonderful Indian water park has 14 fun attractions.


Loopy Woopy

You will enter the Loopy Woopy Launch Capsule, where you will be standing on a trap door.  Once the trap door opens, you’ll experience an incredible drop.  You’ll plummet to a 39 feet vertical free-fall drop.  Along the way, you’ll be generating maximum G-Force into the looping slide of speed and exhilaration.

The Screamer

The Screamer is a uniquely fun ride where no two rides are the same.  The ride consists of rattles which change the shape in alignment with the different lengths of cylinders.  That means riders will experience different sensations.

Twisty Turvy

Twisty Turvy is an exhilarating water coaster.  First, you’ll be blasted uphill on water jets.  You’ll then be launched into the ‘Super Bowl’ with centrifugal forces keeping you high on the wall for several turns.  Finally, the ride will end when you go through an enclosed flume into a splashdown pool.


You’ll slide feet first on Yell-O!.  You’ll then experience a super-fast series of twists and turns.

Zip Zap Zoom

Zip Zap Zoom is a great mat racer ride.  It consists of side-by-side slides where you can race your friends and see who finishes first.  But before you start racing, you’ll go through enclosed looping Aqua Tubes.


Raftaastic! is a family raft ride with steep drops & turns.


Soakerz is another great family raft ride.  There’s a lot of thrilling wall time with steep drops.


Splash is a one-of-a-kind body waterslide meaning you’re not on any raft, tube or mat.  There are a lot of steep bumps & turns.

Swirl Whirl

Swirl Whirl is an exciting funnel ride.  You’ll plummet to the core of the funnel.  You’ll then experience 4 to 5 near-vertical oscillations before exiting the flume into the ride’s final plunge.


On Boomeranggo, you’ll shoot up the wall, pause, and then fall back down.  You’ll experience a feeling of weightlessness on this ride.

Wacky Wavess

Wacky Wavess is a wave pool where you’ll get to experience sea-like waves when artificial waves are formed.


Floatsa is a great lazy river ride.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a great water play area for the children.  There are a lot of water toys, playful characters and mini slides in this water playground.  Kids will experience gentle rides on these kid-friendly slides.


Zooballoo is great for its entertainment and for its ability to keep you cool.  It consists of five fun wild animals in a music band.  Not only do they make music but they also splash water.  Your child can enjoy this attraction while you rest on a nearby bench.


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