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If you are looking for fun during the summer in Tokyo, then it only makes sense to head to Tokyo Summerland!  A visit to Tokyo Summerland means you can enjoy both the pool and an amusement park.

But let’s start with talking about the pool facilities.  Adventure Dome is their indoor pool facility with some serious tropical vibes.  In addition to the main pool, there are water slides, a large shallow pool, and a kiddie pool.  Despite the name having summer in it, this is an attraction you can enjoy year-round since it is indoors.

But there is also an outdoor pool facility, Adventure Lagoon.  In fact, outdoors you will find Japan’s longest lazy river!  It is nearly 650-meter long.  There are also large pools and water slides at Adventure Lagoon.  There’s a waterfall pool with 600 liters of water flowing down and a gigantic wave pool.

There are also a lot of water attractions for kids including the fruit-themed slide and pool area (Fruits Island), a kids’ slide with a mushroom fountain, an adventure-themed water slide (adventure Falls), and a children’s wave pool (Cobalt Beach).

A brand new pool is also opening in 2024 called Monster Stream.  It is a wonderful adventure pool experience.

But if you are looking for fun in a bit dryer of a place, Tokyo Summerland has that, too.  You’ll find it at Thrill Mountain.  It features amusement park rides like a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, a Vikings swing ship, and other thrill rides.

There are other rides there, too, including a classic teacup ride, a traditional carousel Merry-Go Round ride, and a race-themed ride called Landers Cup Grand Prix.

If you’d like to visit Tokyo Summerland, then keep reading to find out how to save money on your admission.


Looking for a discount to Tokyo Summerland?  You can find a discount voucher here, and you’ll save money on your one day pass.  You pass gets you unlimited rides at the amusement park and access to the pools when they are open.  No discount code or coupon code is needed since the discount is automatic.

Please note there are some attractions and coin games that do cost extra.