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Halloween is coming up. The best way to get in the mood for Halloween is with a night of good scares. And if that’s what you want, you need to go to Scarehouse Windsor, Ontario. You can immerse yourself into a terrifying experience with 4 haunted attractions.

You’ll come to an enormous creepy warehouse with dark and dingy corners and paint peeling off the walls. It will give you an uneasy feeling and you haven’t even begun Scarehouse Scared Evil!

The warehouse holds nightmares. They are kept in the warehouse for 11 months and, during the last month, it is your civic duty to release the energy of the nightmares to keep the city safe.

Many scary surprises are awaiting you within Scarehouse. You’ll walk down what feels like a never ending hallway with red lights and fog to hide the monsters. Prepare for the scare!

Keep looking over your shoulder because everything you fear is here. Wind your way through a disorienting trail of horrors. You’ll see creatures that are guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

There will be uneven walls, bridges, things that will touch you from above and you’ll hear spooky sound effects. You will scream more than once, I guarantee it. Jump scares, drop panels, bursts of air and large animatronics will take this to a new level of terror.

Intense costumed actors will take on roles of the undead and monsters and they will make your blood run cold. Be on the lookout for the terrifying gargoyle. He’ll make you run for cover and you won’t soon forget him.

In addition to Scared Evil, your ticket also includes

  • Haunted Darkness
  • Fun House
  • Zombies Maze


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