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Wild Life Sydney Zoo has the largest variety of Australian animals under one roof in the heart of Darling Harbour. You can also experience Australia’s distinct eco-systems under one roof. You can walk through recreated indoor and outdoor enclosures and see some of Australia’s favorite animals.

A visit to Wild Life gives you a chance to get up close and personal with the “Aussie Big 5,” including Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, Platypus and the giant Saltwater Crocodile. See some of the world’s most endangered creatures including Tasmanian Devils, a Quokka and the adorable Numbat.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo Zones

Explore the 10 Interactive Zones

  • Tricky Tongues & Treetops – This is a split zone with one side designed for Frankie, the rescued Numbat. The other side is home to Kofi, the Tree Kangaroo.
  • Devil’s Den – Meet Bub and Dharra, the Tasmanian Devils. The “Den” refers to the underground burrows in which they sleep. Their species is critically endangered.
  • Gumtree Valley – Walk through the Valley and experience the distinct aroma of Eucalyptus leaves. See Koalas lounging about and munching on Eucalyptus leaves. Gumtree Valley is also home to the Bush Stone-curfew.
  • Wallaby Cliffs – See yellow footed Rock Wallabies and Ringo, the bare-nosed Wombat.
  • Daintree Rainforest – Stroll through the Zoo’s replication of Queensland’s beautiful Daintree Rainforest. It is home to Princess, the Southern Cassowary, “the world’s deadliest bird,” a family of Pademelons, a Satin Bowerbird and more.
  • Kangaroo Walkabout – This showcases Kangaroo Island Kangaroos and Princess Parrots. Meet Milo the Emu and the cheeky Quokka, Davey.
  • Kakada Gorge – Enter the Zoo’s recreation of Kakada Gorge in the Northern Territory. See the huge Saltwater Crocodile and learn about the conservation issues facing crocodiles in the wild.
  • Platypus Pool – See graceful platypus in the pool. Learn how they lay their eggs and their feeding behaviors.
  • Nightfall – Discover Australian creatures that venture out after dark. See ghost bats and brushtail possums climbing and hanging in the trees. Bilbies and mouse-sized dunnarts scramble through the scrubs.
  • Koala Rooftop – You can go inside the koala enclosure and meet koalas and have your picture taken with them.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo has many immersible activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Enjoy an Outback Adventure show or pet lizards or touch snakes. Wrap a python around your shoulders in the Python Experience. Look through microscopes at crocodile skins and animal bones.

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Where to Stay Near Wild Life Sydney Zoo

If you’d like to go to Wild Life Sydney Zoo and are wondering where a great place to stay would be, you should consider the following hotels. These 4 and 5 Star hotels have received great guest reviews and are close to the Zoo.

  • Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
  • Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
  • Hyatt Regency Sydney
  • Hilton Sydney
  • Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour
  • The Grace Hotel
  • Rydges World Square
  • Sydney Hotel Harbour Suite
  • Little National Hotel Sydney