Free admission to top attractions in Switzerland, Liechtenstein & Austria with a travel card

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Are you planning to travel to the Lake Constance region?  Are you looking to save money on your holiday?  Then you need the Bodensee Card Plus!

The Bodensee Card Plus is a great way to save money on all the top attractions in Lake Constance.  This card get one-time free admission to over 150 different attractions.  It also gives you free travel on passenger ships, exclusive experiences, and express check-in at many travel destinations.  And you get all of this at one low price.

These travel attractions are all located in the Lake Constance region in four different countries: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

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Bodensee Card Attractions

So you may be wondering what all you can do with this travel card.  Here are just some of the attractions included in Bodensee Card:

  • Harbour tour on the Seelöwe
  • SEE BAD Romanshorn
  • Henry-Dunant-Museum
  • Stockach City Museum
  • Stand-up paddling, canoeing, kayaking and cycle hire
  • Bad Ragaz-Wangs Pizol cable cars
  • Meersburg Bible Gallery
  • SENFT Distillery
  • Museum Ravensburger
  • Kunsthaus Bregenz
  • UNESCO Site Storen Wildsberg
  • Exhibition in the Municipal House and Castle Greifensee
  • Sailing on Lake Constance
  • Pfrunger-Burgweiler Peatlands with their nature conservation centre
  • Vaduz Castle
  • Stockach City Museum
  • Hohentwiel Fortress ruins
  • ABT & HD am BodenSEE
  • Museum Lindwurm
  • Ravensburg city history guided tour
  • Constance Rhine lido
  • UNESCO Site Bleiche 2 & 3
  • Abbey Cathedral of St Gall, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • UNESCO Site Insel Werd
  • Meersburg New Palace
  • Rolls-Royce Museum
  • Gästeamt Wangen im Allgäu
  • Federsee Museum
  • Omas Kaufhaus exhibition and showroom, Meersburg
  • School Museum Friedrichshafen
  • Sonnenhof Spa, Bad Saulgau
  • Night Tobogganing
  • Wetzikon Museum
  • NABU – Wollmatinger Marsh
  • SUP hire, Surfmax
  • Reichenau Museum
  • Arbon lido
  • Guided tour of Radolfzell
  • Bergtrotte Osterfingen
  • Bürgerbüro Engen
  • “Magical old town” Christmas tours of Schaffhausen
  • UNESCO Site Technikum
  • Guided tour of Meersburg
  • “Women of Ravensburg” guided tour
  • Allerheiligen Museum Schaffhausen
  • Bad Ragaz-Wangs Pizol Cable Cars
  • Guided tour of the Zeppelin Town
  • Appenzell Folklore Museum
  • Birdwatching in Rhine Delta, Vorarlberg
  • Guided tour of Schaffhausen
  • UNESCO Site Egelsee
  • Nonnenhorn lido
  • Jakobsbad-Kronberg cable car
  • Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
  • Eistobel
  • Henry-Dunant-Museum
  • Stilt Construction Exhibition Sipplingen
  • German Steam Train and Model Railway Museum
  • UNESCO Site Grundwiesen
  • Salem Monastery and Palace
  • Romanshorn mini-golf
  • Museum at Pfäffikersee
  • SENFT Distillery
  • MühlenwegMuseum Allensbach
  • Archaeological Window Opéra Parking Garage
  • UNESCO sites Feldafing Roseninsel
  • AlpenFreibad Scheidegg – open air pool
  • Lake Constance ferry Friedrichshafen—Romanshorn
  • UNESCO Site Unteruhldingen-Stollenwiesen
  • Birnau Abbey Church
  • Falconry Galina
  • Humpis Quarter Museum, Ravensburg