Our list of the most romantic things to do in Amsterdam in the Netherlands

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Are you planning a couples’ getaway to Amsterdam in the Netherlands?  Well, before you go, you have some planning to do!

First, you’ll need to pick out where you’re going to stay.  We talk about the most romantic Amsterdam hotels here.

But you’ll also want to find romantic activities you and your partner can enjoy during your time in this famous Holland city.  So we came up with seven great romantic activities.  They allow you to not only enjoy the wonderful culture of Amsterdam, but they’re romantic, too.

1. Romantic Private Canal Tour with Prosecco & Snacks

A great way to see Amsterdam is by taking a canal boat tour.  And you can make that experience even more romantic with this romantic Amsterdam private canal tour.

Since the tour is private, this is a very cozy way to see Amsterdam in an intimate fashion.  You’ll get romantic views from your canal tour, like the Seven Bridges of Love and Monet’s Bridge of Love.  Your guide will tell you stories during the tour that include tales of love.  The stories are enhanced with music.  And on top of that, admission to the tour includes snacks, Prosecco, blankets, and heated seats.

2. Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise

Here’s another great romantic activity for you and your partner.  The Amsterdam wine and cheese evening cruise is a great way to set the mood for the romantic evening that is to come once you head back to your room.  It takes place on a glass-enclosed boat, so you’ll get wonderful views of Amsterdam.  And the views are even more romantic at night!

3. Private Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise

Here is another evening canal cruise that is quite romantic.  Your captain tells you romantic stories during the ride.  The boat has a retractable roof and windows, so during the summer you can enjoy the nice weather.  During the winter, the seats are warmed and you can cuddle under a blanket (which can be quite romantic).  You can munch on cheese and crackers during the cruise as well as those famous Dutch Waffles.

4. Amsterdam Walking Tour for Couples

How do you make a walking tour of Amsterdam even more romantic?  How about taking a tour that is specifically designed for couples?

This Amsterdam walking tour for couples is an Amsterdam walking tour with a unique perspective.  You’ll visit iconic locations that also create a great atmosphere for romance, such as the Royal Palace.

5. Romantic Amsterdam Photoshoot for Couples

If you love your relationship, then there is a good chance you love having photos to capture it.  Well, about getting some great couples photos with beautiful Amsterdam as the background?

To make sure you get the best photos possible, consider booking this Amsterdam Romantic Photoshoot for Couples.  A professional photographer will guide you to the most romantic spots in Amsterdam.  So you know you’ll get the best background for your photos plus the highest quality of photos.  You and your partner will go to the most romantic spots in the 9 Straatjes in Amsterdam.

6. Romantic Fairytale Quest Experience

You can visit top romantic locations in Amsterdam without using a guide.  You can do that with the Amsterdam Romantic Fairytale Quest Experience.  You’ll use your phone to solve clues that lead you to romantic destinations.  So it is an interactive thing you can do with your partner while being romantic.  You can look at it as a mix between a tour, an outdoor escape game, and a treasure hunt.

7. Royal Engagement Experience

And finally, perhaps you want more than a romantic trip.  Maybe you want this to be the trip where you take your relationship to the next level.  What I mean is maybe you would like to propose on the trip.

If so, then consider booking this romantic engagement experience.  It takes place at Royal Coster.  Royal Caster, around since 1840, is the oldest working diamond factory in the world.  They’ve created diamonds for royal figures around the world.  You’ll learn more about diamonds and be given a personal tour.

You’ll be able to see their beautiful selection of diamonds.  This is a great chance for your partner to help pick out the ring.  Once you have chosen the ring, the goldsmiths will set the diamond and properly adjust the ring.  Then you can both enjoy a glass of champagne.