I love the bleu cheese with the burger at Liberty Tap Room & Grill in Columbia, SC and the French Fries

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As a graduate of the University of South Carolina and as someone born in Columbia, I am very proud of the Gamecocks Women’s Basketball Team.  In case you haven’t heard, they recently won the 2022 NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship.  So when my family heard they were having a parade in Columbia for the team, we knew we had to go and see it in person.  So we did.

2022 NCAA March Madness Women's Basketball Champion South Carolina Gamecocks Team Parade

We stayed at SpringHill Suites by Marriott Columbia Downtown/The Vista.  It was a pretty reasonable walk to Main Street for the parade.  On our way back, we noticed a restaurant we had never eaten at before.  It was Liberty Tap Room and Grill.

We checked out the menu on our phones and it looked like a great menu.  It had a wonderful variety of foods and provided that wonderful problem great restaurants have.  And that is, how do I pick which of the foods that sound good?  Do I pick pizza?  Seafood?  Burgers?  Steak?  Sandwiches?  I love having choices like these.

We walked in and it was a very short wait, around ten minutes.  They had plenty of seating in the lobby while we waited.  And then we went to our table.


The atmosphere at the restaurant is great.  It’s called Liberty Tap Room and Grill, and they keep that theming up at the restaurant.  There were great patriotic pictures and decor throughout the restaurant.

Liberty Tap Room & Grill in the Vista in Columbia, SC has beautiful red, white & Blue patriotic artwork

Liberty Tap Room & Grill on Gervais Street in Columbia, SC has great patriotic artwork like these American flag paintings

Liberty Tap Room & Grill in downtown Columbia South Carolina has wonderful American themed decor like this miniature Statue of Liberty and American flag painting

My favorite was the Statue of Liberty mosaic.

The Statue of Liberty mosaic mural at Liberty Tap Room and Grill on Gervais Street in the Vista of Downtown Columbia SC is absolutely gorgeous

I am a sucker for well-themed restaurants, and this definitely fit the bill.

The service was great, too.  Our appetizer was late but our server was on it.

Food & Drink Review

As you can gather from having “tap room” in the name, they have a wonderful selection of beer and wine.

Liberty Tap Room in Columbia, SC has a great selection of wines, whiskeys, bourbons & beers

For wine, we found the Pinot Noir to be the best.  For beer, we liked the Michelob ULTRA.

A picture of the beer we ordered at Liberty Tap Room and Grill in Columbia, SC

Most of my table got the Bleu Burger.

I love the bleu cheese with the burger at Liberty Tap Room & Grill in Columbia, SC and the French Fries

I really like the taste of burgers with bleu cheese so I was really excited about it.

I thought my burger was absolutely delicious.  The burger was really good.  The cheese tasted great with the burger.  And the blue cheese sauce also was good.  It was tangy.  T the bacon was great as well.

One note I would like to make is that there is a lot of difference between the medium and the medium well.  I got medium well and my sister got medium and there was no pink in mine and more pink in her’s.  She actually ended up finishing my burger.  So I would say if you don’t like any pink in your burger, you might want to order medium well.

The tap room burger is also good.

A picture of the Tap Room burger at Liberty Tap Room & Grill in Columbia, South Carolina

The French Fries were also good.  Some people in my family switched French Fries out for a baked potato.  The baked potato was good, too.

Liberty Tap Room and Grill in Columbia, South Carolina has great drinks and food, like this beer, burger, and potato

It was perfectly cooked.

We also got hush puppies as an apppetizer.

A picture of the hush puppies appetizer available at Liberty Tap Room and Grill in Columbia, South Carolina

Hushpuppies are one of my favorite foods, and this did not disappoint.  I would have preferred they came before our meal rather than at the same time.  But at least they were very hot and fresh and, most importantly, delicious.


Liberty’s Tap Room and Grill is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a restaurant in downtown Columbia, near the University of South Carolina and in the Vista neighborhood.  Its great location makes it really convenient not only for Columbia residents but anyone traveling to Columbia.  Its Gervais Street location is convenient to a lot of hotels, not just my hotel.  It is a really short walk from a number of hotels, like Hampton Inn Columbia-Downtown Historic District.

But most importantly, it is a great restaurant.  It has a great atmosphere, great service, delicious food, and great drinks.  My family and I highly recommend it.