Puzzling World Wanaka Discount Ticket Deal

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If you love puzzles and you love unique attractions, then it’s time you check out Puzzling World!  Puzzling World is a unique attraction in Wanaka, New Zealand.

And if you love puzzles, you’ll love the puzzles in the puzzle room.  And you will enjoy seeing if you can solve all the puzzles.

Puzzling World is where you can see the world’s first 3-D “Super Maze”.  It’s really fun to walk through this maze with your family and friends.  This Labyrinth is quite the challenge though – they even have emergency doors for anyone who gives up!  It is a true test of skill.

Be prepared to have your mind blown in the illusion rooms.

In the illusion rooms you can:

  • Escape the eyes of Albert Einstein
  • Watch water flow uphill
  • See yourself shrink (don’t worry; again, it is just an illusion!  This is not a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids situation!
  • Be amazed at seemingly impossible art

The illusion room is also a great photo opportunity!  Confuse all your friends and followers on social media with some of these pictures!

Speaking of photos, you can also photograph and visit the most entertaining public toilets in New Zealand.  Again, this is not your everyday exhibit!

Have children?  Then you can relax with a cup of coffee while your kids play with the puzzle games at the cafe area.

In fact, this is a great attraction for families.  The puzzles at Puzzling World challenge the minds of both kids and adults.


Looking for a good deal to help you save money at Puzzling World?

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This discounted ticket gets you admission to The Great Maze and Illusion Rooms.

Please note this ticket is only needed for children and adults ages four years old and older.  All kids ages four and younger can get in for free!