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Jurassic Quest is returning to the Duke Energy Center on March 25, 26 and 27, 2022. If you missed it in 2020, now is your chance to walk among the dinosaurs and have a roaring good time!

Have you ever seen a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Well, now you can at Jurassic Quest. And you can see a velociraptor and an apatosaurus and over 100 other dinosaurs up close and personal.

These dinosaurs are not statues. They can swing their tails, turn their heads and some can walk. They are thrilling, but not scary at all.

Each dinosaur took months to create. They have animatronic metal frames. Layers of foam were placed over the frame. Motors inside the dinosaurs make their movements.

Every dinosaur was painstakingly created in collaboration with leading paleontologists. They are incredibly realistic and are true in size and detail.

Step back in time over 60 million years and see what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the planet. The dinosaurs come in all sizes, from the chicken sized Microraptor to the 80 foot long Spinosaurus. Marvel at the Carnotaurus with horns on his head and spikes all over his body.


Go into the Dino Cinema and see entertaining and educational prehistoric films. Take an Exhibit Tour and let a dinosaur expert tell you all about the dinosaurs from scientific findings to fun facts. Use Green Screen Photography to make a picture that looks like your family is riding a Brontosaurus or being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

There are interesting science and art activities. At the Excavation Station, you can chip away and uncover a real fossil. At the Science Station, you can make your own plaster fossil to take home.

Kids can experience what it’s like to ride on one of these enormous creatures. There are Dino Bounce Houses, Dino Slides and Dino Obstacle Courses. Kids can ride Dino Scooters and drive around in a Jurassic Jeep.

Meet the baby dinosaurs and play with them. You’ll see the mischievous adolescent dinosaurs who love to run around ad play with the audience.

Go through the Ancient Oceans Exhibit and see enormous prehistoric Sea Turtles, the earliest discovered Dolphins and a moving, 50 foot Megalodon.


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