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Crayola Experience Mall of America

Do you love crayons?  Do you love to draw?  Or do you have a kid who loves crayons and drawing?  Then you will all love the Crayola Experience!

The Crayola Experience is a really awesome place to visit while you are at the Mall of America in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.  They have all kinds of amazing experiences that bring your Crayolas to life!

Screamin’ Green Hauntoween

One thing Crayola Experience has going on thismonth is the Screamin’ Green Hauntoween event!  You can make a trick-or-treat bag shaped like a cauldron!  You can paint your own wizard or witch’s hat.  And there’s also a great scavenger hunt during a game of Monster Hide and Seek!  This is a great place to take your kids to enjoy some good, child-appropriate Halloween fun.  This event is included in the cost of admission, too.  And we’re going to tell you how to save money on your admission with a coupon, too.

Permanent Attractions

But the Crayola Experience is fun year-round.  That is because of all the fun attractions they have there!

Scribble Scrubbies

Want your kid to take home a pet that you don’t have to take care of?  Scribble Scrubbies are an award-winning toy that I know your child will love.  Your admission to the Crayola Experience includes a voucher for a free one.  It is shaped like an animal and your child will love coloring, washing, and playing with their “pet”.

Melt & Mold

Another keepsake you can make at the Crayola Experience is at Melt & Mold.  You can melt your favorite crayon color into a special character, critter, jewelry, etc.

Create & Play

Crayola’s new app means hours of fun for your child with kid-safe, interactive games.

Drip Art

If you like swirly art, then you will love Drip Art.  You put a crayon into a machine and then crayon wax will drip onto paper creating a unique piece of art!

Silly Selfies

You can make and color a digital mask and then enjoy seeing getting a selfie of yourself as something crazy like a rock star parrot or a robot unicorn!

Be A Star

Another great photo opportunity is the Be A Star attraction, where you get to pose in front of your very own coloring page with some of Crayola’s characters!

Activity Studio

This is where you go if you or your kid likes crafts.  There are “cut, color, and paste” activities where you can make something for yourself like superhero gear.

Modeling Madness

Use Crayola’s Model Magic compound like dough and mold it into whatever you want!

Texture CRAYze

You can add your own artistic creations to fun scenes.  It’s a great place to be creative!

Color Magic

Have you ever wanted to see your drawings come to life?  You can have that feeling in this attraction.  You can, say, draw a dragon and then get to virtually pet it!

Cool Moves

Another neat experience is Cool Moves.  Tip, a Crayola character, will mirror your every move on a screen.  You can feel like you’ve become a crayon!

Crayon Factory Show

Watch how crayons are made in the Crayon Factory Show.  Crayola Experience’s own crayonologist and Crayola characters Scarlet & Turk (short for Turquoise) show you how crayons are made along and share fun crayon facts with you, too.

Rainbow Rain

Watch it rain colors as your image catches digital melted wax – and you control the movements!

Rockin’ Paper

Watch your paper creation come to life to music!

Stomp and Play

It’s fun to play on this interactive floor!

You Design

You become a designer in this attraction.  Choose a color or fashion design.  You can color, scan, and digitally accessorize!

Paint Palette

Love to paint?  Then Paint Palette is the place for you!  You can be as messy as you want when you paint – they’ll clean it up.  So it is the perfect place for your child if they love to paint and you don’t like cleaning up after them!  Crayola Experience even has a larger-than-life drying oven so you can take home the paintings afterward.  And the painting will be dry so you won’t have to worry about it hurting your home!

Scribble Square

If you don’t like the mess when your child paints, then I know you don’t want your child drawing on the wall.  But they can safely do that here in the Scribble Square!  They can draw with chalk or they can color with dry-erase markers.

Colossal Caddy

You didn’t think you’d come to Crayola Experience without an amazing coloring experience, right?  Colossal Caddy is basically a huge caddy that holds thousands of crayons.  Apparently, I wasn’t thinking big enough when I asked my mother for a box of 64 crayons as a child!

The Crayola Store

If you want to buy your own crayons, you have come to the right place.  But the Crayola Store is even more than that.  They sell all kinds of unique Crayola products, from plush to clothing!

Wrap It Up

And if you want to create your own crayon, here is the place to do it.  You get to name and wrap your own crayon!

Café Crayola

Café Crayola serves food inspired by Crayola crayons like colorful icees.


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