Discount price for the Ruins Adventure Mini Golf in Green Bay, WI area

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Looking for some fun this summer in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area?  Then head to the harbor town of Oconto, Wisconsin, and visit the Ruins Adventure Mini Golf Course!

The Ruins Adventure Mini Golf Course is an 18-holed Mayan-themed putt putt golf course.  It was designed by the leading Miniature Golf Design & Construction company in the world. There are ponds, a stream, and a waterfall throughout the golf course, making it great visually.  And it really does bring the Yucatan Peninsula to Wisconsin.  The hatch accents, realistic creatures, tropical plants, and interesting educational facts throughout the golf course are a great touch.

It’s a lot of fun for kids and beginner adults.  But it’s fun for experienced mini golfers, too.  The six trick holes & multiple water hazards make it challenging enough for the more experienced golfer.  But there are handy nets available to fish out your ball if it lands in the water, which is actually a lot of fun!

Another great thing about this golf course is that it is very inclusive.  Their outer 9-hole loop is ADA complaint.

Ice Cream & Bear

But what about if your family wants to play mini-golf and you don’t?  Or what about if you want a break from golf?  Well, the Ruins Adventure Mini Golf has you covered!

You can get some great ice cream at Madison’s Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream!  They have their own signature all-natural mix with rbGH-free cream from Wisconsin cows.  They also use pure cane sugar and natural stabilizers.

Flavor ability can change, but to give you an idea of some of the great flavors they are known to have, here is the current list of flavors.  Some of these flavors are even award-winning!

  • Old Fashioned Vanilla
  • Zanzibar Chocolate
  • German Chocolate Cake
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Birthday Cake
  • Yippee Skippy
  • Superman
  • Exhausted Parent
  • This $#!@ Just Got Serious!

And if you are looking for something to enjoy while you are relaxing on the deck that is truly adult, you can get a glass of wine or a craft beer!


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