Crayola Experience Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania discount tickets

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Crayola Experience

Looking for a great place for your kids to have fun?  Then take your child to the Crayola Experience!  It is located in Centre Square in downtown Easton in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.  And the Crayola Experience is a lot of fun.  In fact, it is 65,000 square feet of fun!  And there are a ton of attractions that can keep your child thoroughly entertained.

Please note that due to the pandemic, some activities are not operating.  That would be the Color Playground, Character Meet-n-Greets, Toddler Town, and the Café Stage.  It is one of the measures taken by Crayola to make sure your visit is as safe as possible.  But, luckily, there are a lot of other fun things you can do.  We’ll talk about those now!

Activity Studio

Your child will enjoy making their own colorful craft at the activity studio.  They have different themes which are often changing.  So if you keep coming back here, your kid will get to keep being creative and creating all-new crafts!

Colossal Caddy

This is an attraction that all ages will enjoy.  Colossal Caddy holds thousands of Crayola crayons.  Grab some and start coloring!

Paint Palette

Want to paint, too?  Not only can you paint here, but Crayola Experience’s larger-than-life drying oven ready to take home quickly so you can display it on the refrigerator when you get home!

Color Magic

Color Magic is an augmented reality experience where you will feel as if your coloring page came alive!  Like, let’s say you draw a dog.  You can then virtually pet the dog on the screen and it will respond to your touch!

Melt & Mold

Get a special keepsake at Melt & Mold.  You can put your favorite crayon color into the machine and create something out of crayon wax like an animal or ring.

Drip Art

Drip Art works very similarly to Melt & Mold.  You put a crayon into the Drip Art machine.  But here your crayon wax will drip onto your paper and spin around, creating a swirly artistic masterpiece.

Puzzle It!

You can get a neat keepsake from this attraction, too.  Here you can make a puzzle out of your artwork.

Scribble Scrubbies

Scribble Scrubbies is another place to make your own keepsake.  In this new attraction, you get a free Scribble Scrubbie.  It’s a washable pet you can color and play with even after you leave the Crayola Experience!

Modeling Madness

Modeling Madness is another fun place to make keepsakes.  You can mold Crayola’s Model Magic compound into any shape you want.  You can then color them with Crayola markers.

Crayon Factory Show

Learn how crayons are made from Scarlet & Turk (Turquoise), the animated crayon friends, and Crayola Experience’s own Crayonologist in this live show.

Create & Play

Create & Play is a new attraction at the Crayola Experience.  Here you get to embrace your inner gamer.   You get to experiment with colors.  And play arcade games!

You Design

You Design is an interactive virtual design where you can design your own car.  Or you can be a fashion designer!  You have the ability to color, scan & digitally accessorize.  Then you get to watch your car race the course or a model walk the runway with your creation on a gigantic projected screen!

Rainbow Rain

It’s raining crayons!  Well…sort of.  In this interactive attraction, you can magically catch digital melted wax in your hands and arms.  You can then even bounce it off your head!

Scribble Square

Here you can make your own art with chalk or dry-erase markers.

Texture CRAYze

In Texture CRAYze, you can create a mashup piece of art with images & textures.  You can add your creations to fun scenes.

Stomp and Play

This is an interactive floor with colorful games.  You do things like popping popcorn with your feet, dodging sharks, breaking the ice, and more.

Water Works

Water Works is an 85-foot water table attraction with a working lock and canal system.  You can steer your crayon boats while taking in the Crayonopolis town.

Be A Star

This attraction is a coloring page photo booth.  Kids can get their picture taken with their coloring pages – and some of Crayola’s characters!

Silly Selfies

You get to create playful selfies in this attraction.  Then, you project them onto a wall and these selfies become part of a bigger scene!

The Crayola Store

Here’s where you can buy your own crayons.  But that’s not all.  You can find one-of-a-kind Crayola souvenirs here that are not found anywhere else.  You could buy a 2-pound crayon and personalize it with your name or someone else’s name (kid, grandkid, niece, nephew, etc.) as a gift.

Café Crayola

You can enjoy Crayola-inspired foods at Café Crayola.  You can design your own pizza or eat delicious cupcakes.  And in the seating area of Café Crayola, you can see the World’s Largest Crayon!

Trading Post

Trading Post is an attraction that costs extra.  It is a premium arts and craft section.  You can even work with fabric and sand art here.

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