Discount adult & children's tickets for a Gettysburg bus tour in Pennsylvania

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The Battle of Gettysburg is the largest military engagement ever fought on the continent of North America.  Feel as if you’ve gone back in time to experience this battle yourself on the Gettysburg Dramatized Audio Bus Tour.

You’ll get to tour the Gettysburg Battlefield from the comfort of your bus.  This tour takes place on a Double Decker Bus.  This means you can get amazing views from the tops – and amazing videos and pictures, too!  You get to see all of the amazing landmarks from this battle.  This includes:

  • Pickett’s Charge
  • Little Round Top
  • Peach Orchard
  • Devil’s Den
  • Wheatfield
  • High Water Mark
  • And more!

But this bus tour is about more than just seeing the sights.  No, you will feel like you are reliving them with the aid of the sounds of the battles.  While you tour the location, you can listen to pre-recorded audio.  A Hollywood cast of actors, as well as technicians, recreate the sounds of the Battle of Gettysburg.  You’ll hear cannons roar, drums rolls, rifles crack, and bugles blow.

In addition to just hearing the sounds of the battles, you will also learn about this famous battle.  You’ll hear about legendary figures from our Nation’s Civil War, where brother against brother fought in a skirmish that left more than 55,000 men dead or wounded.

There are many ways you can experience American history.  But you’d be hardpressed to find a better way to experience it.


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Additional Information

The Gettysburg bus tours depart from the Main Gettysburg Tour Center right across from the National Cemetery on 778 Baltimore St in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  The nearest intersection is Baltimore Street near Steinwehr Avenue.  There is a parking lot available.

During the tour, there are two stops.  One is a restroom and refreshment stop.  There is also a 10 minute stop at the Little Round Top.