Coupon, promo code for Jurassic Quest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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When I was a little girl I was fascinated by dinosaurs.  My love for dinosaurs only grew after I saw the movie Jurassic Park.  I know I was not the only child who loved dinosaurs.

And that is why Jurassic Quest is such a great event to take your kids to.  Jurassic Quest is a touring event where they bring life-size animatronic dinosaurs into a convention center.  You can walk through the rooms of the event and see incredible dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period, Jurassic Period and Triassic Period.  You will feel like you are walking among living, breathing dinosaurs.  This is an amazing experience for a kid.

But guess what?  It is also an amazing experience for an adult.  When I went to this experience a couple of weeks ago, I had a blast.  I loved seeing all the dinosaurs.  My favorite was the spinosaurus.  I couldn’t get over how big it is.  Or how the raptors had feathers!  This is not how they looked during Jurassic Park!

You’ll learn a lot from this experience.  There are signs up throughout the exhibit that give you great information regarding key information on the dinosaurs you’re seeing like their names, where they lived, what they ate, etc.  There are also videos playing.

And you know how I said kids will love this experience?  Well, I don’t just mean elementary school-age kids.  Toddlers should enjoy this experience as well.  They have a lot of fun things in store for young kids.  This includes tricera-tots playland, a fossil dig, a bounce house, and ride a dino!

Jurassic Quest will be coming to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania from August 25th through August 27th, 2023.  And if you keep reading, you can find out how to save money on your ticket!

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