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If you love puzzles, mysteries, and excitement, then I have the activity in Midtown Manhattan for you.  And that is The Escape Game.  It is located on Madison Avenue in New York City.

The Escape Game offers guests immersive, challenging, and fun escape rooms.  They are a great way to work as a team among family, friends, co-workers, or teammates.  You’ll have sixty minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately escape the room.  The Escape Game has multiple escape rooms so you can choose the theme you like best.

I want to tell you about some of these escape rooms.  And then I will tell you how you can save money on this experience with a great discount.

Escape Rooms

The Heist

You are a world-class spy.  And now you are needed to solve an important crime in the art world.  A masterpiece has just been stolen from a prestigious art museum.  It is presumed to be hidden within the office of Vincent Hahn, the museum’s egotistical curator.  As your intelligence officer helps you on the outside, you’ll need to find your way into Hahn’s office, recover the painting, and leave before Hahn returns.  Oh, and of course, you’ll need to do this in one hour.

Prison Break

The setting for this escape room is 1955.  And this isn’t a good year for you.  You’ve just been (wrongfully, of course) accused of a crime.  Your sentence?  Life in prison without the possibility of parole.  And to make matters worse, your prison cell once belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace.  He could have escaped.  Or, if rumors are true, he was murdered by the horribly cruel prison warden.  So you have no choice to escape.  But can you do it in time?

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

You are a spy who was assigned a routine assignment with your fellow agents.  All you were supposed to do was investigate the area’s local market late at night.  But just as you are about to finish your investigation, there is a huge twist…

Gold Rush

Your distant relative, the reclusive and eccentric prospector Clyde Hamilton has passed away.  Now you’ve been gathered to his final will and testament.  But this is not your everyday final will and testament reading.  No, instead Hamilton has one final game.  You’ve got one hour to find his hidden gold and claim your inheritance before the news hits the nearby town.


You are ready for summer vacation.  But there is a catch.  You have to get your final report card before you and your friends can enjoy summer break.  And that won’t be easy, because your final assignments are like nothing you’ve ever experienced in a classroom.  So you’ll need to work together with your group, as you will pass and fail together.

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