The Bistro Omelette at Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg, Virginia has Black Forest ham, cheese & Basque sauce

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My family loves traveling, and we love trying new restaurants.  Well, as you may be well aware from other blog entries made, we stayed in Williamsburg, Virginia for Memorial Day.  And on Saturday night, we tried a brand new restaurant: the Blue Talon Bistro!

The Blue Talon Bistro is a wonderful French bistro-style restaurant with a wonderful blend of French & American cuisine.  When we were trying to decide where to eat on Saturday, we picked the Blue Talon Bistro for a few reasons.  One, we had heard good things about it.  Secondly, we liked the location.  Thirdly, we were intrigued by theming.  And finally, we were very intrigued by the menu.  It had such a great variety of food we knew everyone could find something they liked.  Honestly, the hardest part was trying to decide what to order!

When we came in, we kind of knew right away we made the right choice even before the food came out.  It just had such a great atmosphere.  I like restaurants that feel special while at the same time feeling casual enough so I don’t feel like I have to get ready for hours just to go there.  And I feel like the Blue Talon Bistro really nails that.  You come in and feel at ease right away.  But it just feels like a special place.

And part of that is the atmosphere they created with the decor.  I loved the French feel.  I loved the decorations and paintings.  And I loved the roosters!

Rooster pictures & decor make a great casual fun atmosphere at Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg

Rooster decor & the name of the days of the week in French are part of the decor at Williamsburg's Blue Talon Bistro

Blue Talon a French Bistro in Williamsburg, Virginia is beautifully decorated

You can take the bus from Colonial Williamsburg visitor center to the Blue Talon Bistro a French restaurant

My family loved eating dinner at Blue Talon Bistro during our vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia

Blue Talon Bistro is a fun restaurant near Colonial Williamsburg

A Paris sign is part of the France decor at the Blue Talon Bistro near William & Mary & Colonial Williamsburg

Food Review

But I bet you’re really wondering about the food, right?  Well, luckily, the restaurant isn’t just great for the atmosphere.  The food was delicious!  Not only was it delicious, too, but it was unique while at the same time not being so unique that I wasn’t familiar with any ingredients.  They just have wonderful takes on comfort food & French cuisine.

I had the Croque Madame sandwich.  It was like a lot of French sandwiches I’ve eaten at French restaurants.  It had delicious ham & cheese on brioche with a wonderfully delicious light cream sauce.  But what made it truly unique was the fried egg in the sandwich.  I had never had a sandwich like this before.  And it was amazing!  My favorite bites were the ones that included the egg.  It also had some mixed greens on the side that was delicious, too.

Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg has delicious sandwiches like this ham cheese, and egg one

My sister had the Pulled Chicken Caesar Salad, and she loved that, too.  Their Pulled Chicken Caesar Salad has a great mix of foods.  Along with the Pulled Chicken, you get fresh Romaine, sliced red onion, diced tomatoes, and delicious toasted croutons. It was a well-mixed salad with pieces small enough that no one taste overpowered the whole salad.

We love the salads like this chicken Caesar salad available at Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg, Virginia

My dad got the Bistro Burger.  It had a lot of what he expects from burgers.  In addition to the burger itself, it has cheese, bacon, tomato and greens.  But what makes it really unique is, like my sandwich, it has a Fried Egg!  My dad said it was a great blending of flavors.  You get the burger but at the same time, you get delicious aspects of breakfast, too.

The bistro burger at Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg is a great blend of dinner and breakfast

The meal also came with French Fries, too, which were also delicious.

Burger, fries, and a coke are great comfort food you can get at Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg, VA

My mom got the Bistro Omelette.  Now a really cool thing about Blue Talon Bistro is they have breakfast dishes served all day.  I really like that because it just gives you more options at night.

Her Omelette came with Black Forest Ham and cheese.  My mom asked to switch the cheese, and they let her, which I liked.  They also let her get her Basque on the side.  Her dish had mixed greens on the side like mine, and she liked that, too.

The Bistro Omelette at Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg, Virginia has Black Forest ham, cheese & Basque sauce

Now, often, when my family tries a new restaurant and we try different dishes, there might be a dish or two someone does not like.  So it was really great that all four of us loved our meal.

Blue Talon Bistro Location

So as I said earlier, my family really liked the location of the Blue Talon Bistro.  It is located in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square near the campus of William & Mary.  You can actually access it via the bus from the Colonial Williamsburg visitor center.  You just have to get off the Merchant Square exit.

This makes the Blue Talon Bistro a great choice when you are visiting Colonial Williamsburg.  You could break up your historic visits with a nice, relaxing lunch.  Or you could come here at the end of the day.

Another great thing about Blue Talon Bistro is that they serve breakfast.  And you can’t really get breakfast in Colonial Williamsburg.  So if you want a nice breakfast or brunch during your Colonial Williamsburg visit, you can come here first thing in the morning.

If you don’t take the bus and drive here, then you can park in the parking garage at Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square.  This is what my family did.  It only cost a couple of dollars, so it is super reasonable.  And it is right across from the restaurant so it’s a really short walk.  Our hotel was close to Colonial Williamsburg, so the restaurant was close to our hotel.

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