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See spine chilling haunted sites on a history packed walking ghost tour in Fort Lauderdale.

Florida is the Sunshine State but when the sun goes down, the shadows begin to dance.  Are you brave enough to wander the spooky streets of Fort Lauderdale after dark?

To understand some of the paranormal activity here, you have to go back to the beginnings of Fort Lauderdale.  There were three Seminole Wars, aka Florida Wars.  There was fighting going on for a few decades with a lot of blood spilled on both sides.  People in Fort Lauderdale have been known to hear disembodied sounds of battle.  Many believe that settlers, soldiers and Seminoles who died in that fight are still here, believing they need to protect their land.


On the tour, you’ll see the King Cromartie House.  Louise King Cromartie died of yellow fever but a lot of people believe she’s still in that house.

The King Cromartie House is in the Fort Lauderdale Historic Village along with the Fort Lauderdale History Museum.

Louise has been seen looking out her second floor bedroom window.  She’s been described as wearing a pink dress and her blond hair is in a bun.  

The porch swing on the house will sometimes start to swing vigorously.  Disembodied sounds of children laughing, playing and singing back of the house have been heard.

John Marc Carr has written an excellent book, “Haunted Fort Lauderdale.”  His book has an account of the haunting of the King Cromartie House and has a picture taken during a night tour.  It shows a misty apparition in that window looking down at the people standing outside.

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Your expert guide will show you the hidden nooks of the riverwalk where ghostly apparitions have been seen.

You’ll see the beautiful Esplanade Park where victims of grisly murders are said to come out at night.  You’ll see the New River Inn and learn of the dark energy and mysterious events that are happening there.

If you want to walk the haunted riverwalk of Fort Lauderdale and see the city in a really different way, this is the tour for you!


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