Discount ticket to monster truck rally in Cleveland, OH

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Start your engines! See the real life versions of the world famous Hot Wheels monster truck toys. These massive trucks will be rolling into the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas on August 27, 2022. Be prepared to be amazed and thrilled.

The Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live will be the wildest event you will ever see! This is an adrenaline pumping family entertainment. You’ll experience a thrilling show with fuel injected action and over the top crashing, smashing epic truck competition.

At the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live, you’ll see

Crash Zone

This pre-show party gives fans access to their favorite Master Trucks. Get up close and personal. You can enter the competition floor before the show. You’ll be amazed at the outrageous designs and the epic size of these Monster Trucks. You’ll also get to meet the drivers.

Demo Derby

Demo Derby is a no holds barred free for all that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Go Big!

Go Big! That’s the theme for the Monster Trucks and their fans. With action this thrilling, a battle cry is needed: Go Big! Go Hot Wheels!


Hot Wheels Monster Trucks have an amazing combination of speed and power that lead to spectacular jumps. Be thrilled as these massive machines catch some serious air.


Bigfoot is the original Master Truck. See all the stunts and tricks that have made this Monster Truck a legend.


See the amazing power of the Master Trucks as they smash everything in sight!


Everyone loves a good wheelie. Wheelies are awesome – a Monster Truck wheelie is Epic.

V 8 Bomber

V 8 Bomber is always on the frontline of the action with its Meta Boom Attack!


See the car eating, fire breathing transforming robot, the 30 foot talk Magasaurus.

Tiger Shark

Half tiger, half shark, all power! Tiger Shark’s goal is to shred them into fish sticks.

See these massive machines as they go flying through the air, performing mind boggling stunts. You’ll be impressed with the power of these trucks and the daring and skill of the drivers. The drivers do a great job of getting the crowd involved in the competition.

Watch as the Monster Trucks soar off the ground and come down, crushing everything in their paths. See the world’s biggest and most powerful trucks in action and expect the unexpected. You’ll be talking about what you saw at this show for years to come.


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