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Tennessee has a long history of witches and witchcraft dating back to the early 1800s.  The most well known stories are the Bell Witch and the enchanting Sadie Baker, but there are many more.  Nashville Haunted Witches & Voodoo Tour is a bewitching two-hour tour that goes beyond the city’s neon lights and music.  Go on a journey into the dark and mysterious side of Nashville history,

Your knowledgeable guide will tell you stories of witchcraft, voodoo, curses, apparitions and paranormal activity.  Hear about occurrences for which there are no reasonable explanations.

Hear stories of women accused of witchcraft.  Was it real, imagined or an exaggerated legend?

You’ll visit places where paranormal activity has been recorded.  You’ll see the Tennessee State Capitol.  Hear about sightings of apparitions of President Polk, Rachel Jackson (wife of President Jackson) and a confederate soldier.  

In the early 1900s, Nashville’s Printer’s Alley was home to 2 newspapers, 10 print shops and 13 publishers.  That’s how it got its name.  During Prohibition, speakeasies moved into the narrow, atmospheric alley, and it became a hub for nightlife, music and drinking.  Crimes were committed here, fights, accidents and murder all occurred here.  Given its history, it shouldn’t be so surprising that restless spirits roam the alley at night.    

David “Skull” Schulman opened the Rainbow Room in Printer’s Alley.  His clientele included Elvis, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney and more.  In 1998 during a robbery, “Skull” was murdered.

Since then, many people have reported seeing “Skull” walking his poodle in Printer’s Alley.  The building that once housed the Rainbow Room has cold spots.  Many people believe “Skull” never left Printer’s Alley.

And you’ll hear about all the curses.  The Opry Curse – coincidence or a real curse with real consequences?  And then there’s the Nashville Curse.  

Your tour will end at the Cosmic Closet.  You’ll meet a 10th generation Romanian medium.  You will have an opportunity to have a cleansing ritual to cleanse you of the energies encountered on the tour.  And you’ll have the chance to have a brief reading, offering insights into your own personal journey.


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If you’d like to read more about the dark side of Nashville, try “Southern Ghost Stories: Downtown Nashville” by Allen Sircy.