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America’s deadliest natural disaster is the Great Storm of 1900. During the night of September 8, a category 4 hurricane slammed into Galveston and demolished the city. At one time, parts of Galveston were 15 feet underwater. Wind gusts over 120 miles an hour destroyed over 3,600 buildings. On Galveston Island, the death toll was estimated to be between 6,000 and 8,000 people.

Galveston also experienced a major Civil War battle, several yellow fever epidemics and many large fires. Therefore, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that so many lost souls still roam the streets at night. Shadows appear out of nowhere. You hear a voice when no one is there. Do you really want to go down that alleyway by yourself?

Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour

As darkness descends on Galveston, “The Lady In Black” will begin your otherworldly tour of Galveston’s Old City Cemetery. The famous and infamous are waiting to meet you.

The Lady In Black regards the people buried in the cemetery as her friends. She’ll point out the famous and the macabre spirits that haunt this cemetery. Take a paranormal walk with the undead.

Nearly two hundred years old, Old City Cemetery has been called one of the most unnerving places in Texas. Few people realize it’s actually a collection of seven cemeteries, built over the last 176 years. Some of those buried there bring a sense of mystique and the macabre to Galveston’s haunted history.

You’ll see the grave site of Elize Roemer Alberti who committed suicide in 1894 after killing her 4 children. The entire family shares the same burial plot.

You’ll hear the story of Nicaragua Smith, a convicted felon and Confederate Army deserter. He was executed by a firing squad in the cemetery. He was buried face down at his request in an unmarked grave. On the anniversary of his death, many people have reported hearing a voice loudly cursing his executioners.

Come meet the spirits who live in the city of the dead.


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