Savannah ghost tour with paranormal investigation discount ticket

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CNB ranks Savannah as the most haunted city in the United States. It is one of the cities the Institute of Parapsychology gets the most reports on paranormal activity. It has a combination of a long, dark history and a lot of underground water that make spirits want to stay there forever.

Andrew Nichols, the executive director of the American Institute for Parapsychology, has said that locations and objects have memories just like people have memories. Flowing underground water creates unusual magnetic field properties that are particularly conducive to ghosts and hauntings. So, it’s not surprising that when it comes to spirits, Savannah is a perfect place to be.

Do you want to meet the things that go bump in the night? Are you ready for a spine tingling, heart pounding journey through the streets, alleys and cemeteries where the spirits roam? If your answer is yes and you’re interested in paranormal activity, then I have the perfect tour for you.

Six Feet Under Tour

The Six Feet Under Savannah Tour & Investigation is led by a medium and paranormal sensitive. You’ll learn how to tune into your inner gifts to attract and sense that spirits are around.

Paranormal investigations involve collecting evidence of paranormal activity by taking pictures and using equipment to try to detect the presence of spirits. You’ll see ghost hunting equipment, like an EMF, Electromagnetic Radiation Detector, EVR, Electronic Voice Phenomena Scanner, dowsing rods and more. You’ll learn when to use the equipment and how to use it.

Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery still in existence in Georgia. It holds hundreds of crypts and tombstones and numerous reports of paranormal activity. Your psychic guide will lead you around the cemetery in search of what lies six feet under.

You’ll also visit the Olde Pink House which dates back to the Revolutionary War. It is said to hold the ghosts of many. Learn and feel the spirits as they are called to join you.

This tour will attempt to make contact with the paranormal. It is an adventure that will pursue a supernatural experience. You’ll be introduced to the spirits of Savannah.


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