Discounted price for 30-Minute Beginner Flyboard Session with Optional Video and Photo Package at Miami Watersports

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Flyboarding & Watersports In Miami

Have you ever watched anyone fly above the water on a board and wished you could do that? Let Miami Watersports turn your flying dreams into reality.

Discover a whole new way to have fun in the water! Let the flyboard send you soaring!

Flyboarding is now the most trending water sport in Miami, Florida. Flyboarding has a lot of the same thrills as other board sports but the learning curve is much quicker. It is extremely easy to learn with the correct instruction.

Miami Watersports was the first company in Southern Florida to offer flyboarding lessons. They have mastered teaching beginners with their methods being simple and straight to the point.

The thirty minute lesson will begin with ten minutes of instruction and then you’ll get into the water. 75% of their students get out of the water in the first 5 minutes. Professional instructors will be at your side throughout the session.

You’ll be given safety instruction, a life jacket, helmet and the water powered flyboard. The equipment is simple and easy to use once you’ve learned the basic techniques.

You’ll be strapped into boots attached to the flyboard. Powerful jets of water surge through hoses beneath the board. Steering the flyboard takes only a small amount of movement.

Words can’t describe the rush you’ll feel as you soar over the water!

Flyboards are very safe. Almost anyone can learn how to do it and the more you fly, the better you’ll be at it. A word of warning, though – flying is so much fun it can be addictive. You’ve been warned.

This truly is an experience you don’t want to miss.


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