Houston Astros Stranger Things Night 2023 Guide

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Last year was a good year in Houston, Texas.  The Houston Astros won the World Series.  The fourth season of Stranger Things came out.

So how could 2023 top 2022?  Well, it could – because of the 2023 Houston Astros Stranger Things Night!

Yes, the Houston Astros will be holding a Stranger Things Night on Thursday, July 6th, 2023, at Minute Maid Park.  This is when the Astros will be playing the Seattle Mariners at 7:10 PM.  Should be a great game.

Especially because it will be more than just a game.  It will also be a baseball game where you will simultaneously feel as if you have been transported from Houston, Texas in 2023, to Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s!  Just make sure you don’t get stuck in the Upside Down World!


There are two different ticket options for this game.  You can opt for the cheaper ticket option, and buy your ticket here.

Or you could buy a Stranger Things T-Shirt package.  This costs you at least $25 more.  But you do get a Stranger Things/Houston Astros-themed T-Shirt!  That kind of shirt is quite unique, so it could be worth it to you, especially if you’d like to rep both the Astros and Stranger Things.  You can purchase this ticket package here.

Stranger Things & Houston Astros Shirt

Like the idea of a Stranger Things and Houston Astros shirt?  Well, there are a lot of great shirts that are themed to either Stranger Things or Houston Astros you could buy and wear to the game.

You can find some great Houston Astros shirts here, including world series merch.  In addition to shirts, you can also find great ball caps, jerseys, hoodies, etc.  And a lot of it is on sale!

You can also find Stranger Things shirts in our list of the best 100 Stranger Things shirts.