Houston, Texas drive-in movie theater discounted admission with soda and popcorn

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The Showboat Drive-in

Are you looking for some fun in the Houston, Texas area?  The Showboat Drive-in in nearby Hockley, Texas is just the trick.  You’ll be able to watch a movie under the Texas stars.   And you can do it in a safe way.

That is because this is a drive-in movie theater.  And that means you don’t have to worry about being packed in a crowded movie theater.  Which is great if you are trying to keep you and everyone safe and healthy.


And there are some great movies that are playing this summer.  They are a great mix of movies, too.  They have family movies if you want some family time with kids.  But they also have great movies for adults, too, so this would make a great date night.  And they have double features, too, so you can get two movies for the price of one!

The movies playing include:

  • The Matrix
  • Forrest Gump
  • Inside Out
  • Waiting for the Barbarians

You’ll be able to hear the sound through your vehicle’s FM radio.


So are you looking to save money with some coupons?  Then you have come to the right place!  Click here and you can save up to 32% off your ticket.  These discounted tickets even include popcorn and soda!

Current Rules

As we are currently in a worldwide pandemic, Showboat Drive-in does have a few rules you will need to maintain in order to keep everyone safe:

  1. Your vehicle will need to be 6 feet apart from other vehicles.  They’ll have a lot attendant checking for this with a 6-foot pole.
  2. Because of this, you will be able to sit outside your vehicle!  But you’re going to have to be within the width of your vehicle.  And of course, maintain a minimum of 6 feet separation from other guests.  Even if you know the other guests.  If you want to be closer than 6 feet you have to arrive together in the same car.
  3. When you are outside your vehicle, you will need to put on a mask.  You can take it off if you are actively eating.  But once you are done, you need to put it back on.
  4. The playground area will be closed.