A picture of the Cordon Bleu Crepe available for lunch at Royal Cafe and Crêperie voted one of the best restaurants in Charlotte, NC area

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Are you looking for a great place for a neat place for breakfast or lunch in Matthews, North Carolina?  My family would have to recommend Royal Café and Crêperie.

Royal Café and Crêperie is open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, so if you plan on eating dinner here, you’ll be too late.

I went a few weeks ago and loved it.  I’ve now been multiple times and have brought my whole family, who loved it.  And it’s not just us who has loved it.  Royal Cafe and Creperie has been voted the 13th-best restaurant in the Charlotte area based on customer reviews.


Royal Café and Crêperie is located at 131 Matthews Station Street at Matthews Town Center near the Matthews Library in downtown Matthews.  It is not a large restaurant at all but they use their space incredibly well.  There are plenty of tables so finding a seat has not been a problem whenever I have visited.  I will say, though, I’ve visited around 2:00 PM so earlier in the day there could be more of a rush.

When you walk in, you make your way to the back of the cafe to make your order.  By the way, make sure you check out the chalkboard above the cash register before you order.  If I had noticed, I might have tried the special pumpkin pie crepe last time I was there!

Check out the crepes on special at Royal Cafe and Crêperie in Matthews, NC like the pumpkin pie crepe

I’ve just grabbed a soda when I was there, but they have a lot of coffee and tea options.

Royal Cafe and Crêperie in downtown Matthews NC has great coffee and tea options

But the main reason to go there is of course in the name, and that is the crepes.

After you order, you grab a number and wait for them to bring you your crepe.

After you place your order at Royal Cafe and Crêperie, you take a number and wait for your meal

A neat thing is that after you order it, you can actually watch them work on the crepes from your seat.

Watch the crepes being made while you wait for your order at Royal Cafe & Creperie in Matthews, North Carolina

Crepes Review

You have a lot of crepes to choose from when you eat here.  There are breakfast crepes, dessert crepes, and entree crepes.  The entree crepes really do fill you up, which is great.  It is definitely a full meal.

Cordon Bleu Crepe

My favorite crepe is the Cordon Bleu Crepe.  It has Grilled Chicken Breast, Bacon, Swiss cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, and Honey Mustard.  We’ve ordered it with or without honey mustard.

A picture of the Cordon Bleu Crepe available for lunch at Royal Cafe and Crêperie voted one of the best restaurants in Charlotte, NC area

A picture of the Cordon Bleu crepe at Royal Cafe & Crepie in Matthews, NC where I held the honey mustard


It tastes good with and without it.

The honey mustard is sweet and contrasted with the tomato and ham and other things.  It was a wonderful blend with the chicken.  But without the honey mustard, it is still good and not dry.

All the flavors really do blend well together.  The chicken is cooked to perfection.  I like how everything is chopped up enough so that whenever you take a bite, you get a blend of tastes.  And sometimes with a crepe or sandwich like this lettuce can overpower the tastes, but I didn’t think that happened.  So I definitely recommend this crepe.

California BLT Crepe

Another favorite of my family is the California Style BLT, which consists of bacon, lettuce, and tomato (obviously!) as well as avocado, swiss, and mayo.

A picture of the California BLT Crepe at Royal Cafe & Creperie in Matthews, NC

The crepe was delicious! The flavors of the fillings blended perfectly together and went well with the crepe. The pieces of bacon and tomatoes were small, which I prefer, since it makes it easier to eat and keeps it from dominating any one bite. The proportions were good, too – it wasn’t just, say, mostly lettuce with very little avocado.

I will say that the second time, the avocado was in slightly larger pieces, and the ingredients as a whole were not as evenly spread. That didn’t keep it from tasting great, though.

I also appreciated that the crepe felt like an entree (which is how it is listed on the menu). What I mean is that, in my experience, a BLT sandwich may or may not be that filling, depending on the restaurant. But the BLT crepe was filling (in a good way – it didn’t feel too heavy or anything), which I liked.


A picture of a hamster crepe at Royal Cafe & Creperie in Matthews, NC, which my family thought tasted like a great omelette

And finally, if you are a fan of breakfast foods, you’re in luck since there are a lot of great options.  Our favorite is the Hamster.  It consists of eggs, ham, cheddar cheese, and bacon.  This is a really good option for those in your family who like omelets.


The Royal Café and Crêperie is a great restaurant with delicious food.  If you are ever in Matthews, then this is a great choice.

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