Discount price for Zombies Scavenger in Charleston South Carolina

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Zombie Scavengers turns cities into hunting grounds of the undead.  Humans are outnumbered 10 to 1 by brain hungry zombies. In this challenge you and your group are survivors who must find weapons, food, supplies and shelter.  Download the GooseChase app on to your phone. Your guide will oversee your progress and give you special challenges or ask you trivia questions to get virtual weapons to ward off the zombies.  The more items you find, the more points you score. You need to try to avoid all the zombies as well as the colonies of other survivors who will try to steal your items. The goal is to try to find all the items as fast as you can to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Book this through Groupon and save $25 for 1 Team, save $45 for 2 Teams and save $60 for 3 Teams.